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VMware Cloud on AWS: Sep-Oct 2019 Digest

Discover all the latest VMware Cloud on AWS news from the last two months. Review all the articles from September and October to learn about the latest updates, launches, user guides, and customer and partner transformation stories.


Our Sep-Oct 2019 Digest is here, with a recap of all the latest VMware Cloud on AWS news from the last two months. 

Take a deep-dive into VMware Cloud on AWS features, product updates, latest releases, step-by-step guides, and get to know some customer and partner success stories.

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Technical Articles:


 Product Updates:


Cloud Economics, Pricing and Sizing:




Customer Stories:




For more information related to VMware Cloud on AWS, here are some more learning resources for you: 


You can learn more about our VMware Cloud on AWS service at the VMware Cloud on AWS website or by viewing VMware Cloud on AWS: Overview

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