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vRealize Log Insight Cloud – New Name, Packaging, and Features!!

We’re excited to announce vRealize Log Insight Cloud (formerly Log Intelligence) has undergone some changes recently that are going to make many customers very happy! If you’re not familiar with vRealize Log Insight Cloud, it’s VMware’s log collection and analytics service. Like its on-premises sibling, vRealize Log Insight, Log Insight Cloud ingests un-structured log data from practically any source. Whether it’s coming from the public cloud, private cloud, or even physical infrastructure, you can quickly search and analyze data from your environment in real time. Log Insight Cloud makes things like root causes analysis and basic security hygiene a breeze. And because Log Insight Cloud is a service provided by VMware, you don’t have to deal with things like deployment, upgrades, storage, or even scaling to meet new demands.

New name and packaging

Many customers who have adopted Log Insight Cloud probably know it as Log Intelligence. So, what happened to Log Intelligence? Is Log Insight Cloud a new product? No, Log Intelligence has simply been rebranded as vRealize Log Insight Cloud so that we can better align our SaaS offerings with their vRealize Suite on-premises counterparts. Nothing is changing besides the name. Well, that and a few other things we think you’ll appreciate…

vRealize Log Insight Cloud Core is what comes bundled with VMware Cloud on AWS. It previously allowed for basic monitoring of VMware Cloud audit logs but lacked many of the features included in the full product. We’re happy to announce more features such as alerting, log export and forwarding, and even archiving are included in vRealize Log Insight Cloud Core. The table below shows a comparison of the features available in Core and in Complete. We also offer a full 30-day trial of vRLI Cloud Complete!

Content Packs

We’ve expanded our content packs to include over 50 right out of the box. Content packs are a bundling of dashboards, queries, alerts, and extracted fields to make it easier to consume log data coming from your applications and infrastructure. vRealize Log Insight Cloud offers content packs for VMware products such as VMware Cloud on AWS, NSX-T, NSX-V, vSphere, vSAN, vRealize Operations, vRealize Network Insight, and Workspace One just to name a few. There are content packs for infrastructure like firewalls and switches, and applications such as Apache, MySQL, SQL Server, and Active Directory. There’s even a content pack for popular AWS Cloud Services such as S3 and RDS. As you can see, we cover many of the most common (and some not so common) logs with content packs. And of course, you can still create your own content packs to share and use in other vRealize Log Insight Cloud environments.

Log Sources

Content packs help vRLI Cloud understand log messages that are coming in from your applications, but that’s only half the picture. You still need to get your logs into Log Insight Cloud. But how? Log sources is a cool new feature that will walk you step by step to configure your applications to forward their logs to vRLI Cloud. We’ll walk you through configuring Apache, Docker, Kubernetes, SQL Server, NGINX, GitHub, and AWS services.

Not only will these walk you through the configuration, but they’ll also validate that you have things configured correctly by showing you the log messages that are being received by that application or service. Log Insight Cloud also includes more generic instructions such as configuring a Cloud Proxy, Fluentd, or even ingesting logs through the vRealize Log Insight Agent.


New name, new packaging, and new features! This is a great time to jump on board with vRealize Log Insight Cloud. Whether you’re a VMware Cloud on AWS customer, or looking to move your on-premises logging solution to the cloud, be sure to check out the 30-day free trial. Go to https://cloud.vmware.com/log-insight-cloud and click on Start For Free.