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VMware vRealize Automation Cloud: September Launch

The vRealize Automation Cloud team has dropped a range of powerful new capabilities this month. These include enhanced Kubernetes support and ease of use, as well as early access to our Terraform Provider. See the full list of updates.


We welcome the fall by introducing a set of critical, new capabilities to our platform!

VMworld US might be over but the vRealize Automation Cloud team haven’t stopped dropping new features. This month we have significantly enhanced our Kubernetes support, our ease-of-use and released an early access version for our Terraform Provider. 

  • Namespace Management for Kubernetes: Create, configure and manage Kubernetes namespaces with Cloud Assembly and Service Broker. With vRealize Automation Cloud, you can provision namespaces based on policies, control namespace access by role, manage and share namespaces on Kubernetes clusters, and request namespaces from our catalog. Read more
  • Blueprint Objects Properties Editor: Choose your preferred interface with our new graphical properties editor. Configure blueprint objects on the Cloud Assembly design canvas with the properties editor, the YAML script editor or a combination of both. See how
  • Terraform Provider for Cloud Assembly – Early Access:  Leverage Terraform to consume cloud-agnostic infrastructure via Cloud Assembly. This is a precertified version of the provider. Visit the GitHub Page for more information
  • Network Automation – Security Groups in Blueprints: Assign existing NSX Security Groups directly on the blueprint design canvas. Display all security groups under the new “Security” tab. Follow our Network Automation Blog Series by Karl Fultz. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
  • Network Automation – IPv6 Support for vSphere: Use IPv6 or IPv4 (pure or dual stack) for IP identification and routing for vSphere cloud accounts and endpoints. Read more
  • Deployment-Level Policy Criteria: Use logical expressions to specify policy application at a deployment level within Service Broker. Learn more
  • Landing Page for API Documentation: vRealize Automation was built with an API-first approach in mind. With our new API landing page, you can easily browse through our Swagger-based API documentation. Browse our APIs

Visit the VMware vRealize Automation Cloud website to learn more about Cloud Automation delivered as a Service request a free trial or a demo.


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