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Build More Modern Apps Faster and More Secure with VMware’s Growing Kubernetes Partner Ecosystem

Earlier this year, VMware launched the VMware PKS Partner Ready program. Our goal with this  program is to bring together the key building blocks customers need when developing their own modern apps and ensure they work well and are fully supported on VMware PKS.

VMware PKS is how we deliver open source Kubernetes and integrated cluster lifecycle management to our customers. We are excited to see the partners who are coming on board to support modern applications development on VMware PKS.


Today, we have 20 solutions either partner validated or in the process of validation on Enterprise PKS.  While we are excited about our partners’ work with VMware PKS to date, with the acquisition of Bitnami earlier this year, we now can deliver a far better experience for both our customers and ISV partners.

When customers build modern apps, they need application components that can scale from the beginning of a prototype to successful deployment without having to start over at each stage. This is the software supply chain that today varies far too much for many customers at each stage with customers needing to reconfigure as they go.

For ISVs trying to support these customers on multiple environments, it is increasingly challenging to build and validate their solutions for all the necessary Kubernetes environments—that requires a lot of extra work.


Working with ISVs To Manage and Deliver the Software Supply Chain

Bitnami has focused on making applications easier to deploy, secure, and update for the largest number of users and developers possible, truly delivering the cloud native software supply chain needed today. The Bitnami Community Catalog is home to the largest catalog of click to deploy applications and developments which includes more than 180 applications and components, which 2 million developers install more than one million times per month. That reach and availability saves billions of compute hours every year.

VMware is building an app-centric ecosystem that will be essential to our customers success when deploying Kubernetes.  We are working closely with leading ISVs to ensure that deploying their solutions from virtual machines to containers that run anywhere delivers the best experience for end users and for developers.

Bitnami has the automated tools necessary to pick up the latest versions of ISV software, package and deploy automatically for multiple environments and marketplaces.

Whether a developer starts by building a prototype with packaged virtual machines locally with VMware Fusion to deploying the final product to Kubernetes clusters delivered by VMware PKS, our Bitnami catalog makes it easier for developers to go to a single place to get the right version of the apps necessary for each stage in the process removing complexity along the way.

For those customers and ISVs attending VMworld US 2019 this week, I highly recommend you attend session MCO3529BU  “The Multi-cloud Builder’s Journey”. This session will show how seamless it can be to deliver apps everywhere using Bitnami.

We look forward to deeper partnership with even more ISVs to ensure that customers have the easiest, most manageable way to deliver their applications and services wherever Kubernetes runs.


For participants of VMworld US 2019: We hope to see you at one of the many events where Bitnami Solutions will be featured! Please click here for full details.