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The VMworld 2019 Cloud Showcase Keynotes You Don’t Want to MISS!

We’ve highlighted three must-see cloud keynotes at VMworld2019, August 25-29. We’ll be covering hybrid cloud operations, managing public cloud, delivering modern apps and more. Join the VMware experts as they share insights on how to modernize without complexity, cost or risk.

VMworld 2019 is next week, running from August 25-29. We’ve got some exciting ways to showcase VMware’s cloud portfolio at the event – hear the cloud keynotes, see our cloud solutions in action and meet the experts at Cloud City. Listen to the VMware experts as they share insights on how you can access the right services and the best solutions for your business without introducing complexity, cost or risk, by leveraging VMware’s comprehensive cloud portfolio.

During the keynotes, we’ll be showcasing how VMware’s cloud portfolio will help you deliver Hybrid Cloud Operations, Migrate to the Cloud, Scale to the Cloud, Manage across diverse public clouds and Deliver Modern Apps.

There is still time, register today for VMWorld 2019 and make sure to attend the showcase keynotes!

Here’s a summary of the keynote highlights to help you plan your schedule:

Showcase Keynotes:


HYB3544KU Hybrid Cloud – Transform Infrastructure and Operations from the Data Center to the Cloud

Hybrid cloud is unlocking unprecedented opportunities for businesses to leverage nearly infinite resources across the data center, cloud and edge. Businesses can now run workloads where they need to, move workloads seamlessly, tap into resources globally, and deliver the capabilities needed for new and existing applications. All this can be done without the cost, effort or risk of refactoring applications. This new de facto architecture for IT is only possible through consistent infrastructure– compute, storage and networking and consistent operations. Learn how VMware is advancing the market for hybrid cloud with powerful new services to support all your applications. Schedule this session!


Chris Wolf, Vice President and CTO, Global Field & Industry, VMware
Kit Colbert, CTO, Cloud Platform, VMware
Mark Lohmeyer, SVP and GM, Cloud Platform Business Unit, VMware
Purnima Padmanabhan, Vice President Product Management – Cloud Management Business Unit, VMware
DATE: Monday, August 26, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

MC3545KU Multi-Cloud Strategies to Operate at Scale

Your multi-cloud strategy is driven by the need for innovation and agility at scale. But as you progress along your cloud journey, many organizations run into challenges with increased complexity, staying ahead of security risks, and maintaining efficient operations. With hundreds of cloud consumers across the distributed enterprise, how can you ensure governance and consistency? How can you harness the innovation of AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and others without exponentially increasing complexity? Learn how you can build a multi-cloud strategy that builds on the power of the cloud while minimizing complexity and risk. Hear about VMware’s vision for a multi-cloud management platform that will drive and govern your cloud investments today and, in the future, no matter where you are in your multi-cloud journey. Schedule this session!


Joe Kinsella, Vice President and CTO, Products, CloudHealth, VMware
DATE: Tuesday, August 27, 01:30 PM – 02:30 PM

MOD3543KU Kubernetes and the Cloud Native Journey

Leading enterprises are increasingly defined by their ability to develop software. That’s why they are turning to Kubernetes and cloud-native principles to speed developer velocity and drive resource efficiencies. VMware has unmatched expertise to guide this journey – hear from the creators of Kubernetes, the architects working hands-on with customers and the engineers building new solutions. We will show you how to lead the cloud-native conversation at your organization and change your trajectory by managing hundreds of users and thousands of Kubernetes clusters across multiple clouds. Maximize your VMworld experience by exploring new territory with our expert team. Schedule this session!


Paul Fazzone, SVP and GM CNA, VMware
Craig McLuckie, Vice President R&D, Cloud Native Apps, VMware
DATE: Tuesday, August 27, 03:30 PM – 04:30 PM

Don’t forget to check out Cloud City, our interactive learning and demonstration space where you can engage with cloud experts, located in Moscone West, Level 2. Register Today for VMworld 2019.