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Kubernetes is Set to Take Over VMworld US 2019: Here’s What to See and Do

Is your organization running or moving toward Kubernetes? If so, don’t miss a preview of VMware’s Kubernetes offering at VMworld 2019 US, August 25-29, in San Francisco. With more than 80 breakout sessions, expert roundtables, and hands-on trainings, Kubernetes activities are set for a full-on takeover of VMworld 2019. Read on to get a taste of the activities we have planned for you.

Be one of the first to get a preview of our Kubernetes offering

We’ll be going in-depth on how our Kubernetes offering will change the way you work. Register for the sessions below to get a first-look:

Showcase Keynote: Kubernetes and the Cloud Native Journey [MOD3543KU]

Leading enterprises are increasingly defined by their ability to develop software. That’s why they are turning to Kubernetes and cloud native principles to speed up developer velocity and drive resource efficiencies. VMware has unmatched expertise to guide you on this journey—hear from the creators of Kubernetes, the architects working hands-on with customers, and the engineers building new solutions. We will show you how to lead the cloud native conversation at your organization—to change your trajectory—by managing hundreds of users and thousands of Kubernetes clusters across multiple clouds. Maximize your VMworld experience by exploring new territory with our expert team.

Tuesday, August 27, 03:30 PM – 04:30 PM


Paul Fazzone, SVP and GM, Cloud Native Apps, VMware

Craig McLuckie, Vice President R&D, Cloud Native Apps, VMware

Nanda Kumar, Executive Director of Platform Engineering, Verizon

How to Unlock Kubernetes for Massive Scale—and Maximum Return [KUB1835BU]

In this session, VMware leaders Craig McLuckie, Kubernetes co-founder and VP of R&D for Cloud Native Applications, and Eryn Muetzel, Director of Product Management, will help you understand best practices for adopting, managing, and operating Kubernetes across teams, clusters, and clouds to enable developer self-service and accelerate time to market, while containing costs and keeping your platform secure.

Monday, August 26, 04:00 PM – 05:00 PM


Craig McLuckie, Vice President R&D, Cloud Native Apps, VMware

Eryn Muetzel, Director, Product Management, VMware

More Devs, No Problem: Managing Self-service Access to Kubernetes [KUB1851BU]

As your organization adopts containers and Kubernetes, the number of teams and clusters you have to manage will explode. You’ll need a way to stay in control so you can keep your platform secure and contain costs. In this session, we’ll show you how to do that by automating the enforcement of policies—access policies, pod security policies, image policies, backup policies and more—across fleets of clusters. You will learn how to align your organization and resources to maximize security, enable development team self-service, and safely share resources across your teams.

Tuesday, August 27, 01:00 PM – 02:00 PM


Fabio Yeon, Sr. Staff Engineer, VMware

Eryn Muetzel, Director, Product Management, VMware

The Future of Kubernetes Cluster Provisioning and Day 2 Ops [KUB1840BU]

Many vendors today are offering managed Kubernetes services. While these services can help reduce your operational burden, they can be challenging for enterprises to adopt because of security concerns. In this session, you’ll learn more about how VMware is working in lockstep with the upstream Kubernetes community to provide you with a consistent approach to lifecycle management that makes it easier for you to operate Kubernetes across all of your Kubernetes environments—including vSphere and public cloud—with consistency and control.

Wednesday, August 28, 03:00 PM – 04:00 PM


Tom Spoonemore, Product Line Manager, VMware

Ross Kukulinski, Product Line Manager, VMware

Ask the Experts: Cloud Native Architects Behind Hundreds of Deployments [KUB2541PU]

This panel Q&A session will be led by the VMware Cloud Native Architects, who work directly with customers to install and operate Kubernetes, as well as integrate it with a host of other services for application deployment, monitoring, logging, security and more! These Architects are our hands-on experts. This is your chance to ask the experts questions about using Kubernetes, architecture patterns and anti-patterns, or integration points with existing services. They can draw on their knowledge and experiences to give you practical answers that will move your Kubernetes journey forward.

Wednesday, August 28, 03:00 PM – 04:00 PM


Nicholas Lane, Cloud Native Architect, VMware

Duffie Cooley, Staff Kubernetes Architect, VMware

Hart Hoover, Cloud Native Architect, VMware

John Harris, Senior Cloud Native Architect, VMware

Scott Lowe, Staff Cloud Native Architect, VMware

New to Kubernetes? Take our Introduction to Containers and Kubernetes course

If you’re ready to dive a little deeper into the world of Kubernetes, our Introduction to Containers and Kubernetes course was designed with you in mind. During the expert-led course, you’ll understand the first principles of a cloud native infrastructure, and then dig into our lab environment and deploy your first cluster. This training is designed for attendees who are early in their cloud native journey—you will walk out with more knowledge of basic concepts and greater comfort in working with containers. (This course is free and open to non-VMworld attendees, too!)

Wednesday, Aug 28, 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM

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Not sure where to start at VMworld? Just follow the map!

Whether you’re new to Kubernetes or looking for more advanced content, we’ve got what you’re looking for at VMworld. Below you’ll find two handy maps that layout the most sought-after activities for those in either camp

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