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Cloud Assembly – Touring the New Features – July 2019 Edition!

In this video, take a tour of the newest features that we’ve pushed into Cloud Assembly. Having VMware’s automation platform as a SaaS model allows new features to be rolled out as soon as they’re ready, with no effort from the user. Cloud Assembly continues to add new capabilities each month.

Moving VMware’s automation platform into software as a service has cranked up the speed at which we can deliver new capabilities into a platform. As a customer, I can’t tell you how many times I’d have a feature request and was told “It’s in the next version, you just have to upgrade when it’s time!”. Having this in SaaS means these features land in my environment when they are ready, without any effort on my side. This is one of the most awesome value adds to using Cloud Assembly in Cloud Automation Services!

In this video, we go on a functionality feature tour of the newest hotness that we’ve pushed into Cloud Assembly. You’ll see things like enhancements to our extensibility story, Ansible Integration, new canvas objects, and Enterprise PKS capabilities.



As you can see – there’s been a lot of new capabilities added since our general availability launch!

Wrapping Up

Cloud Assembly continues to add new capabilities every month, and is the best place to see details about these new capabilities as they hit! You can always see the newest features for yourself in the VMware hands on labs for Cloud Automation Services, or by heading over to and signing up for a trial!

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