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Launching VMware Cloud on AWS Unplugged Podcast: Tune in Live to 1st Episode on 8/8: 12 PM PT

Thinking of migrating to cloud or accelerating your hybrid cloud journey? You are at the right place. VMware Cloud on AWS is THE solution for your hybrid cloud migration needs.

VMware Cloud on AWS brings VMware’s enterprise-class SDDC software to the AWS Cloud, and enables customers to run production applications across VMware vSphere®-based private, public and hybrid cloud environments, with optimized direct access to AWS services. It integrates VMware vSphere, VMware vSAN and VMware NSX along with VMware vCenter management and optimizes it to run on dedicated, elastic, Amazon EC2 bare-metal infrastructure that is fully integrated as part of the AWS Cloud.

We are excited to announce that we are coming up with the new Podcast series: VMware Cloud on AWS Unplugged. There is NO MARKETING BUSINESS, its PURE KNOWLEDGE SHARING.

Bill Roth, a technology evangelist and veteran cloud economist will host 1:1 discussion with VMware experts about topics ranging from:

  • VMware Cloud on AWS overview,
  • Key features and capabilities,
  • Typical use cases,
  • Product strategy and roadmap,
  • Tech tips for cloud migration,
  • Deep-dive technical discussions on compute, storage and network virtualization features in VMware Cloud on AWS
  • How the cloud economics work and much more.

So, what are you waiting for? Please subscribe to VMware on Soundcloud and listen to “VMware Cloud on AWS Unplugged” playlist and we will see you on our very first episode that will be broadcasted live on 8/8 at 12 PM PT.

And in our very first episode, Bill will talk with 2 guest speakers: Sai Gopalan, Product Marketing, VMware and Jeremiah Megie, Technical Marketing, VMware where they will share some key facts about VMware Cloud on AWS, its use cases, customer momentum, technical features and capabilities and much more. So don’t forget to tune in to live episode on 8/8: 12 PM PT


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