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VMware Cloud on AWS: Understanding SDDC Updates and Maintenance Visibility

In this blog article, we show you how to check for scheduled SDDC updates with the maintenance tab. This new capability keeps you updated on upcoming and ongoing SDDC maintenance helping you track events with ease.

We get it. Doing upgrades is just really not that exciting – and probably not your favorite part of the day.

That’s why we love VMWare Cloud on AWS – taking the pain out of doing updates, for you – and all our customers- at scale!

We know though that you might like to keep tabs on what’s happening with your SDDC during the update process, which is why we’ve built a new capability – a tab in VMware Cloud on AWS console.

Thanks to this tab, you’ll keep up to date on when the upcoming SDDC maintenance is scheduled – and if it is happening right now.

But before we jump into how this shiny new maintenance tab works, we’ll take you for a quick look behind the scenes at how we do patch and upgrade your SDDC.

Introducing the Maintenance Tab
Now that you’ve got all the details about the SDDC Upgrade process, maintenance schedule and notifications, let’s shift our attention to the maintenance tab I mentioned earlier.

This new tab is located in VMware Cloud on AWS Console at SDDC level, and it will display the upcoming SDDC maintenance information for your convenience.

Let’s look at “My SDDC” (with NSX-T) and open the maintenance tab:

Currently, I don’t have any information about the maintenance, because there is no maintenance scheduled for this SDDC.

However, once an SDDC Upgrade for “My SDDC” is scheduled, you can see the information about an upcoming maintenance in the tab:

Do you remember the picture with three (for NSX-T) phases from the document? – These phases are nicely displayed as tiles in this tab.

The top tile represents Phase 1 (Networking Host Update), which is scheduled to start in an hour. At the bottom you can recognize Phase 2 (Control Plane Updates), which will start in 19 hours. As you already know, Phase 3 (Host Updates) will start immediately after Phase 2 is over.

When the status of a phase changes, you will see that being reflected in the tab:

In this picture you can see that the Phase 1 is ongoing.


The maintenance tab is just the beginning of what we are working to accomplish in the area of SDDC maintenance. Stay tuned for more exciting developments in this space.

This blog is the first article in a blog series that we plan to publish over time. We would love your feedback, so don’t be shy to post your comments below – and keep an eye out for future blogs!