Hybrid Cloud Adoption in the Asia-Pacific

Cloud technologies are now part of the playbook for nearly all enterprise IT departments, with many organizations now looking at hybrid cloud as the next frontier in enterprise efficiency. In the Asia-Pacific region, many organizations are recognizing the shortcomings of a more siloed multi-cloud strategy, and are enhancing overall business agility with hybrid cloud.

451 Research carried out an independent study of nearly 500 IT decision makers representing Asia-Pacific’s largest businesses. The research delivered some insight into the cloud adoption trends and attitudes in the region. According to the study, many organizations are already utilizing a hybrid solution or strategizing its implementation.

The study also found that 90% of businesses use or expect to use a multi-cloud environment, 52% are using or planning a fully integrated hybrid environment, and 44% are proceeding on hybrid cloud pilots without a formal strategy, recognizing the potential benefits, but not the potential for unexpected complexity to derail efforts.

It is clear from the study that hybrid cloud is an objective for the majority of businesses across APAC in 2019, and multi-cloud will increasingly become the norm for a significant majority of enterprises in the region.

Discover more insights into the adoption of hybrid cloud in APAC by viewing the full Going Hybrid study. Learn about hybrid cloud planning and management, drivers and inhibitors, and factors that are influencing the choice of platforms, tools, technologies and managed services, both currently and in the next couple of years.


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