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Exploring VMware Cloud on AWS Ecosystem Partners Part 5: Trend Micro – Simplifying Security for Hybrid Cloud with VMware Cloud on AWS and Trend Micro

Customer Challenge:

For many organizations, expanding to the public cloud yields a number of benefits in terms of agility, cost, and scalability. However, this expansion means teams are now building and deploying workloads across on-premises environments and VMware Cloud on AWS environments. This hybrid environment can leave a visibility gap and make it difficult to maintain workload security. As organizations move to adopt agile development processes for the cloud, security must also integrate into the development pipeline to avoid slowing down development teams.


To address these challenges, Trend Micro has partnered closely with both VMware and AWS to architect a hybrid cloud solution that offers maximum flexibility and consistent security across physical, virtual, cloud, and containerized environments. Trend Micro Deep Security provides multi-layered threat defense, protecting workloads from threats, vulnerabilities, and advanced malware. Deep Security can be easily implemented into agile workflows and development pipelines, enabling organizations to maintain security without impacting their rapid development teams.

Solution Deep Dive:

Deep Security is already used by thousands of customers to secure their physical and VMware virtualized data center environments, as well as native AWS deployments. Deep Security’s automation and orchestration capabilities tie security policies to native cloud workloads as they are added, moved, or removed. This same solution is designed to protect VMware Cloud on AWS deployments, whether the organization is expanding to VMware Cloud on AWS for additional or on-demand capacity, consolidating data centers and migrating workloads into VMware Cloud on AWS, or implementing cyclic usage to minimize costs. Deep Security complements VMware capabilities such as NSX firewall and micro-segmentation which reduce the attack surface, by providing a full range of advanced security capabilities to shield systems from malware, exploits, vulnerabilities, malicious traffic, and more.

Most importantly, with Deep Security organizations can incrementally enable security features and scale deployment easily to match their implementation schedule and budget requirements.

With Deep Security, customers can securely build, shift, and scale workloads across their datacenter, public cloud, or VMware Cloud on AWS environments, benefitting from consistent security, visibility, and governance for all workloads.

  • Be Powerful: Deep Security delivers a full range of workload security capabilities including anti-malware, intrusion prevention and detection, application control, system monitoring, and automated protection and shielding for legacy systems. Deep Security is further enhanced with continuous threat intelligence updates from the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network.
  • Get Streamlined: Deep Security reduces the need for point solutions by consolidating security within a single platform, providing consistent security across your hybrid cloud infrastructure. Extend data center security to the cloud with centralized visibility across existing VMware deployments in the SDDC, new workloads in VMware Cloud on AWS, and even containerized environments.
  • Go Automated: Deep Security reduces manual work and operational costs by automating security. Deep Security’s extensive API integration with leading SIEMs, vulnerability management tools, security tools, and CI/CD pipeline tools allows customers to integrate security with the toolset they already use today. Security experts can automate the deployment, configuration, and scaling of security processes, while development teams can build security into their pipeline without disruption to their activities.
  • Compliance-Ready: Achieve and monitor compliance with major regulations and industry guidelines like PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, NIST 800-53, NERC, FERC, SANS, ISO, and more. Built on proven technology which is both Common Criteria ELA 2 certified and FIPS 140-42 validated, Deep Security helps teams meet compliance needs with detailed, auditable reports documenting prevented vulnerabilities, detected attacks, and policy compliance status.
  • Flexible Procurement: Deep Security has multiple licensing models available to meet the needs of customers. It can be bought through channel partners or directly via AWS Marketplace, with annual, hourly, and consumption-based pricing all available as options. For teams wanting a SaaS model, Deep Security can also be purchased as a Service.

Additional Resources:

RSA: Learn more about Trend Micro at the RSA Conference, booth S627


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