VMware Cloud on AWS

New! Connectivity Checker Makes it Easier to Protect Your Workloads

It’s winter time, and Yours Truly is down with the flu… In order to ensure fast recovery times, I needed a prescription filled out. I kept calling the pharmacy to see if it’s ready, but there was no answer. Turns out I was dialing the wrong number. Similarly, customers who sign up for VMware Site Recovery can make small mistakes that lengthen the time it takes to set up an excellent DR solution, and ensure their recovery times.


This week, VMware Cloud on AWS released many new capabilities to help our customers. One of these new capabilities is the VMware Site Recovery Connectivity Checker. We understand that Disaster Recovery is not easy, but we’re trying to make it as simple as possible. The idea behind the Connectivity Checker is to simplify the process of connecting a protected site with VMware Site Recovery. The Connectivity Checker helps customers identify and fix small mistakes as they are setting up the network connections between the two sites. Such mistakes could include wrong DNS configuration (i.e. “dialing the wrong number”), misconfigured firewall settings, internal errors and more.


To use this feature, after activating the VMware Site Recovery Add-on, log on to your VMware Cloud on AWS console, view the details of your SDDC, and under the Troubleshooting tab select “Site Recovery”. You can run all of the tests at once, or just some of them. Once a test is finished, you can view the results to understand whether there’s an issue and how to fix it.


As I mentioned in a previous blog post, we’re planning on adding many new capabilities this year. The Connectivity Checker is just one of them. Another new capability that we introduced is upgraded fan-in support – our fan-in topology now supports 10 sites protected by a single VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC!


All these new capabilities really make you want try out VMware Site Recovery, right? Well, you’re in luck! We recently launched a limited-time promotion, giving the VMware Site Recovery Add-on for free for 90 days for up to 200 VMs!


So many exciting things, I already forgot about the flu! Speedy Recovery everyone!


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