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Happy birthday VMware Site Recovery!

Last year at AWS Re:Invent, we launched our Disaster Recovery as-a-Service (DRaaS) for VMware Cloud on AWS. Now that the service is a year old, it’s time to reflect on our achievements in the past year:

  1. We helped customers reduce their Disaster Recovery costs – With VMware Site Recovery, customers no longer need to design, deploy and maintain a secondary on-premises DR site (that, hopefully, will not be used). Instead, customers can replicate their data to VMware Cloud on AWS, and spin up a DR target only when it is needed. Recently, we even doubled the scale of protection we provide, enabling customers to protect up to 1000 VMs to a single SDDC. As one of our customers said – they no longer have any on-premises DR sites.
  2. We helped customers reduce risk – VMware Site Recovery is the only DRaaS that is built on the reliable infrastructure of a global cloud provider (AWS) without the risky needs of refactoring VMs, reformatting files, or learning how to use a new hypervisor (because let’s face it, do you really want to learn how to use a different hypervisor when your main data center just crashed?).
  3. We simplified DR operations – By introducing Elastic DRS. After a failover has occurred, this feature automatically spins up more servers if needed, and spins down servers when they are not needed, optimizing the DR environment. We also made it simpler to add VMware Site Recovery on top of existing DR solutions by supporting a fan-out topology from one main data center to multiple DR targets.
  4. Global reach – When we launched our product last year it was only available to use in the US. Today, VMware Site Recovery is available in multiple regions in the US, Europe and Asia Pacific, with more VMware Cloud on AWS regions coming online soon.

We’re only beginning!

That is a lot for just one year, and we’re very excited about our future plans!

In VMworld Europe we announced an upcoming price promotion, providing the VMware Site Recovery add-on for free to protect up to 200 VMs. To be the first to know when this promotion becomes available, sign up at to our mailing list at the bottom of our website.

But that’s not all! As you can see on our roadmap, we’re also planning to make VMware Site Recovery even more cost-effective, by leveraging Elastic vSAN with Amazon EBS. We’re also planning to simplify DR even more by introducing fan-in support (protecting multiple on-premises sites to a single VMware Cloud target), introducing a Connectivity Checker, and streamlining DR testing.

As you can see, we have a lot planned for you. We continue to invest and develop solutions to protect your environments. Stay tuned for more to come. Happy holidays everyone!

Visit our website to learn more about VMware Site Recovery.


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