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AWS re:Invent Key Takeaways: The Hybrid Cloud is Stronger Than Ever

It was an exciting week at AWS re:Invent with 53,000+ attendees descending on Las Vegas to learn about new product innovations, engage in demonstrations, and of course hear industry-changing announcements.

VMware had a notable presence, with 4 booths representing: VMware, VMware Wavefront, VMware CloudHealth and VMware {Code}, spread over the re:Invent campus. Across these properties we had the opportunity to talk to thousands of companies, deliver hundreds of live sessions, and showcase VMware Cloud through demos, and presentations.

Throughout the whole conference it was clear that a common theme stood out – the Hybrid Cloud is stronger than ever, shaping and defining how IT is building and consuming cloud infrastructure. For years, the market has waged a debate over cloud versus data center, public versus private, on-premises versus in the cloud.

More than ever we see customers making cloud decisions as business decisions. What’s important is to match the best environment for the application to the individual characteristics of that app. This evaluation is driving the decision to maintain applications in the data center, to migrate to the cloud, to refactor or rebuild. The value of the application, the complexity of the app and the potential cost and effort required to move an application, all weigh heavily on an organization’s cloud strategy.

Enterprises ideally want the best of both worlds, enabling them to take advantage of both data center and cloud environments for the unique benefits that each brings. That is where VMware and its relationship with AWS, plays a vital role in the market.

AWS CEO Andy Jassy made an important announcement during his re:Invent keynote last Wednesday that further reinforced the successful relationship between VMware and AWS and reinforced the value of Hybrid Cloud to the market. AWS Outposts enables organizations to deploy AWS compute and storage racks in their on-premises infrastructure while also being able to utilize AWS’ cloud services in their data center. VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts are a fully managed Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) powered by VMware Cloud Foundation. This jointly designed solution will support virtual machine, container and Kubernetes-based applications for the hybrid cloud. This “as-a-service” offer allows customers to choose how they utilize infrastructure across on-premises environments, the cloud and the edge while maintaining consistency in operations.

Additionally, customers will be able to use VMware Cloud on AWS outposts to run native EC2 workloads within their on-premises environments supported by a new offering: VMware Cloud Foundation for EC2. This integrated solution enables customers to integrate EC2 on AWS Outposts with their on-premises data center with seamless connectivity, visibility and consistent policies. Now, businesses can take advantage of both worlds (the data center and the cloud) without impact to latency and performance.

At the core of VMware’s Hybrid Cloud strategy is the ability to deliver consistent infrastructure and consistent operations from the data center, to the cloud and edge. With VMware Cloud on AWS, we’ve taken the proven technologies from the data center and deployed them into the world’s leading cloud environment. As we move forward and support AWS Outposts we’re extending this proven relationship and bringing innovations born in the cloud directly to the enterprise data center. Together with AWS we’re eliminating the traditional boundaries that have existed between these two worlds, and giving customers the ultimate freedom to match the needs of their applications with the broadest range of cloud infrastructure options possible.

To learn more about VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts, click here.
To learn more about VMware Cloud on AWS, click here.


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