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Welcoming CloudHealth Technologies to VMware

At VMworld U.S. 2018, we announced our intent to acquire CloudHealth Technologies and deliver a new cloud operations platform for public clouds. As Raghu Raghuram, Chief Operating Officer, Products and Cloud Services, explained, “Having the right cloud operations platform is as critical to business success, as having a great pit crew is to win a car race.”


We are pleased to share that we officially closed our acquisition of CloudHealth today, bringing their industry-leading cloud operations platform to our growing cloud services portfolio. With more than $5B in annual public cloud spend being managed by CloudHealth today, this acquisition significantly advances VMware’s strategy of enabling customers to run, manage, connect and better secure any application on any cloud.


Future-proof Your Multi-Cloud Strategy with CloudHealth

Over the past several months through hundreds of customer conversations, a few interesting trends have emerged:

  • Most customers have advanced from early adoption of cloud using SaaS applications, basic infrastructure services and single cloud provider, to a stage of relative cloud maturity where you are now considering multiple cloud providers and using more advanced application services to build cloud native applications
  • For many of you, while the first encounter with cloud complexity is often due to lack of visibility, overshooting of cloud spend or through a cloud migration project, the challenges quickly evolve, resulting in a need for a more robust solution that extends beyond the basics to provide richer insights across performance, security and resource management




The CloudHealth platform helps customers gain control of their public cloud environments while enabling them to achieve faster business outcomes. A few examples of success:

  • Instructure, a “born-in-the-cloud” company that manages seasonal fluctuations saved $2M by using CloudHealth for managing Reserved Instances purchases in AWS, identifying unattached EBS volumes and rightsizing resources;
  • Xero, a cloud-based accounting software company uses the platform to gain visibility into the profitability of its offerings allowing it to judge future investments;
  • VE Global, a digital services company reduced its Azure spend by 60% and is planning to drive expenses down an additional 10-20% in the next one year;
  • Scholastic, the world’s largest publishing company saved countless man hours in addition to 38-50% of AWS costs every month, due to the visibility and automation provided in the platform



The results customers have achieved leveraging this platform is what gets me excited about what this means with CloudHealth as part of VMware. CloudHealth will continue its mission of helping customers run applications and infrastructure in the cloud in the most cost effective and efficient manner.


We will augment it with other services such as VMware Secure State, Wavefront by VMware and our recently announced cloud automation services, in addition to continuing to work with the ecosystem of partners to help deliver the best value to our customers.


Ready for a Test Drive?

Many of the largest cloud consumers around the world manage their multi-cloud with CloudHealth today. CloudHealth can become your multi-cloud pit crew chief too. Why don’t you check it out?



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