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Multi-Cloud Without Robust Operations is Like a Racecar Driver Without a Support Team!

Multi-Clouds Are Not Without Issues – Where is your pit crew?

Car racing is a thrilling sport that requires speed, agility and ability to turn corners, skills to navigate a diverse and dynamic pack of fellow racers, and capability to withstand significant G-forces.  Despite all precaution things can and do go wrong especially if the car and the driver are not in peak performance condition. The pit crew and the crew chief play an extremely important role in any race.  The pit crew quickly completes refueling, carrying out any repairs, changing or filling air in tires, performing safety checks, etc.  Crew chiefs lead the pit crew during pit stops in addition to coaching the driver during the race.


In a similar vein multi-clouds while all about speeds and feeds invariably lead to complex large-scale operations problems. Think about the thousands of objects and services created and used, hundreds of clouds accounts in an organization, multiple projects and owners and teams, and last but not least the diversity and idiosyncrasies of the individual clouds themselves. It can quickly become an operations nightmare across things like visibility, efficiency of resource usage, security, troubleshooting and maintaining SLAs, etc.  This really exposes the need for a unifying, common and consistent operations layers across the clouds! Something like a pit crew headed by a crew chief.


VMware Cloud Operations Platform – Your Pit Crew and Crew Chief for Public Clouds

As you deploy and scale in the public clouds you need a solution that:

  1. Acts like a pit crew in optimizing and managing your cloud resource usage, and ensuring peak performance,
  2. Is your trusted advisor much like a crew chief making recommendations on how best to operate in ever changing conditions


Today, we are pleased to share the news that VMware has signed a definitive agreement to acquire CloudHealth Technologies. With this acquisition and our existing cloud services portfolio (Wavefront by VMware, VMware Secure State, and VMware Cloud Automation), we can help you with your key multi-cloud operation needs. We told you, your pit crew is equipped and ready and waiting to help!  Additionally, we now have a single platform that unites discrete data from all your tools, services, and environments, to give your business a truly holistic perspective, operational clarity and power to operate your clouds.  The Cloud Operations platform is your crew chief and in possession of complete and contextual information to make well informed recommendations as you race ahead in your cloud experience.


Solving for Outcomes in Native Multi-Clouds

CloudHealth along with Wavefront by VMware, VMware Secure State, VMware Cloud Automation services and our ecosystem of partners, can solve for a wide variety of outcomes in multi-cloud environments. CloudHealth delivers benefits to our customers across cost management, resource optimization, granular visibility and reporting. Wavefront by VMware provides deep insights and analytics at scale for cloud native applications.  Secure State is all about ensuring fidelity of configurations, ferreting out discrepancies across layers and alerting for cloud security and compliance risks across your cloud assets.  And lastly VMware Cloud Automation provides infrastructure as code capabilities, a policy based self-service catalog, and release automation and continuous delivery capabilities. Together, these capabilities define the VMware Cloud Operations Platform.


…and where do we go next?

With CloudHealth, VMware is bringing to market a robust multi-cloud platform that is trusted by thousands of enterprises. We are very excited about the possibilities here. The additional apps and services we can built on top. This is just the beginning. Stay tuned for more in the days ahead!


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Coming to VMworld US? Meet the CloudHealth VP of Product Management to get a deeper dive into CloudHealth and learn how to reduce cost and complexity of multi-cloud operations.