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Disaster Recovery Solutions on Lenovo ThinkAgile VX and VMware Cloud on AWS

Contributions from VMware – Robert Campbell, Prasad Kalpurekkal, and Akshay Pathak – Lenovo – Bhavin Shah

Lenovo and VMware have collaborated for more than two decades, and the partnership continues to deliver innovative solutions for our shared customers. Together, we create a unique value proposition for VMware virtualization products. These joint solutions adhere to established best practices and provide comprehensive security measures for enterprise-critical software and hardware. For detailed information on the full range of VMware and Lenovo solutions, visit The Power of Partnership.

In continuation of our shared legacy, VMware and Lenovo have recently collaborated on groundbreaking innovations in the area of optimized and unified hybrid cloud solutions, including a disaster recovery (DR) offering for VMware Cloud on AWS and on-premises data centers on Lenovo ThinkAgile VX. Lenovo ThinkAgile VX Series appliances now combine VMware virtualization solutions for compute, storage, and network virtualization (vSphere, vSAN, and NSX) with vCenter management in a single system. The combination offers the configuration flexibility to meet all application needs, with the ability to quickly scale up as the business grows.

Similarly, VMware Cloud on AWS powered by VMware Cloud Foundation™ is a unified SDDC platform that integrates VMware vSphere, VMware Virtual SAN™, and VMware NSX™ virtualization technologies. VMware Cloud on AWS is an on-demand service with rich capabilities to enhance enterprise readiness, accelerate cloud migration, and simplify hybrid cloud deployments. This solution also supports vCenter Hybrid Linked Mode, which combines two vCenter servers in a single pane of glass for seamless hybrid cloud management. VMware continually works with customers to support new use cases, so be sure to sign up to receive the latest updates.

Before getting started with VMware Cloud on AWS, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the VMware Cloud on AWS planning guide. It discusses the preparation and resources required to make a smooth transition to the SDDC environment on VMware Cloud on AWS.

Additionally, you may also want to consider the advantages that VMware Site Recovery and VMware vSphere Replication add to VMware Cloud on AWS in the area of disastery recovery. The following diagram shows the different components used in this solution.

For connecting the on-premises data center with VMware Cloud on AWS you have two options: a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or AWS Direct Connect. The following illustrates the VMware Cloud on AWS portal.

This joint solution offers a best-practice approach to the following challenges (see the white paper referenced below for more information):

  • Accelerating time-to-protection Eliminate the need for a secondary DR site, and implement DR in a day with familiar tools and the same operating environment for on-premises and the public cloud.
  • Reducing secondary site costs Reduce secondary site management costs for cloud-managed infrastructure, and pay only for what you use with granular, on-demand cloud pricing.
  • Simplifying DR operations Streamline operations with automated failover and failback, simplify ongoing maintenance, and perform non-disruptive testing.

Business continuity planning is a critical component of IT operations, whether workloads run in the cloud or on-premises. VMware Cloud on AWS supports multiple configurations to protect workloads and applications, regardless of where they run.

At VMworld 2018, Lenovo with VMware will host a breakout session (#HYP3694BUS) discussing disaster recovery solutions that use Lenovo ThinkAgile VX, VMware Site Recovery Manager, VMware vSphere Replication, and VMware Cloud on AWS.

For more on these solutions, the latest demos and technical information are available via the links listed below:




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