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Easy access to VMware and partner solutions from your private or hybrid cloud

Organizations using a VMware SDDC based private or hybrid cloud want to easily find and deploy VMware and VMware partner solutions that can be added to their cloud environment.  Similarly, VMware partners need the ability to publish once and have their solutions made available to VMware customers around the world. At VMworld 2018 we will be previewing technology in our labs that provides customers the ability to browse, subscribe, purchase, download, and deploy 3rd party solutions into any VMware SDDC based environment including VMware Cloud on AWS, VMware Cloud Partner Program solution provider clouds, as well as on-premise VMware SDDCs.  The marketplace technology we will be previewing will allow IT and Cloud Operations teams and their end users (depending on the use case) to subscribe to and automatically deploy both VMware and partner products and services.

The technology that we will have on preview will allow users to:

  • Easily browse marketplace entries, search and filter by type of solution, product compatibility, and many other factors.
  • Click on a solution to view its detail page to view additional resources, guides, and documentation, support, usage pricing, certification status, etc.
  • Read and publish reviews of solutions.
  • Subscribe to solutions and deploy them into your SDDC.
  • Easily view all solutions subscribed to, view usage reports, or cancel subscriptions.

The following session at VMworld will provide you more information on we you can expect.

  • Session – HYP2422BU; Title – Enabling Cloud Marketplace Services with VMware; Abstract – VMware extends the on-premises SDDC into the public cloud, customers need a way to get access to the 3rd party products and services they depend on in their hybrid and multi-cloud journey. Please join this session for a demo that illustrates how VMware facilitates this by providing a means for customers to browse and acquire content like blueprints, application binaries, SaaS services, and virtual appliances, and by providing additional services like transactions with easy deployment. For Partners, VMware’s approach extends the route to market partners enjoy with VMware Solution Exchange – into the cloud.

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