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Giving IT Ops, Cloud Ops and SecOps New Tools for Managing Hybrid Network Environments

If you are Network Administrator, you want the ability to understand network flows across virtual and physical networks, so you can rapidly troubleshoot network performance issues.  If you are in IT or Cloud Ops and are migrating from the Data Center to Cloud, you want to know what it will cost to run an app in the cloud that is being considered for migration. If you are a SecOps you want to ensure that counterpart teams building apps in either the private or public cloud are providing adequate protection for business-critical assets.  

VMware Network Insight, a SaaS service, gives IT Ops, Cloud Ops and SecOps alike visibility into their virtual and physical network topologies so they can fully optimize network performance and security across private and hybrid cloud environments.  It allows teams to troubleshoot network performance issues in environments that include both virtual and physical networking elements (Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud or Multicloud) and reduce the time to plan and deploy application centric micro segmentation (virtual firewalls) in cloud environments by as much as 90%.

The key capabilities of VMware Network Insight include ability to:

  • Assess network based security risks and make recommendations on how to fix them
  • Analyze traffic flows and the services running in your environment
  • Model application connections and dependencies in a multi-tier and/or multi-cloud environment
  • Automate all the steps necessary to implement micro segmentation
  • Plan security across combined physical/virtual and across private/public cloud network environments
  • Scale VMware NSX beyond what is capable using NSX Manager alone

You can learn more about Network Insight at the following VMworld 2018 sessions:

  • vRealize Network Insight Deep Dive (Session ID: NET1879BU). Abstract: VMware NSX has revolutionized the way organizations deploy and secure network services with a simplified approach to both the software and physical world. As with any revolutionary product, better ways and better tools for troubleshooting, managing, and planning security have come about for these new approaches. The ability to see through software-based and hardware-based networking at the same time is crucial for success. To be able to plan a security approach for an entire data center or multiple data centers, is not an easy task. And being able to troubleshoot across these platforms represents modern problems for modern solutions. This session focuses on how VMware vRealize Network Insight simplifies these new problems and provides a solution that will enable your organization to confidently manage these new design methodologies.
  • Accelerate App Security and Availability with vRealize Network Insight (Session ID: SAI2555BU). Abstract:  Having visibility and troubleshooting capabilities across the virtual and physical network infrastructure among clouds is a challenging task involving multiple teams and tools. Planning and implementing security with micro-segmentation in your clouds is an even more complex task, requiring data from multiple sources and hours of IT effort. Learn how VMware vRealize Network Insight can enable your organization to effectively manage and troubleshoot your private and public cloud network infrastructure. See how to accelerate deployments with micro-segmentation rules and recommendations, and VMware NSX day 2 operations.
  • Customer Panel on Micro-Segmentation Ops with vRealize Network Insight (Session ID: SAI2598PU). Abstract: Learn from your peers and ask them questions about the benefits, challenges, and insider tips on micro-segmentation planning and deployment! Examples of customers on this panel from previous years include Santa Barbara City College, Nebraska Medicine, Alliant Credit Union, City of North Las Vegas, and more.
  • Introduction to vRealize Network Insight (Session ID: NET2764BU). Abstract: vRealize Network Insight helps you amplify the benefits of NSX by providing 360-degree visibility and troubleshooting across your virtual, physical, and multi-cloud network and security infrastructure. With vRealize Network Insight, you can quickly find the root cause of networking and security issues impacting application availability, ensure health and compliance of your NSX deployment, and plan security consistently across public, private, and hybrid clouds. This session is a must for anyone who has NSX, is interested in NSX, or is concerned about security of their business-critical applications.
  • AWS app security & visibility with Network Insight and Log Intelligence (Session ID: MGT2844BU).  Abstract: As you embark on your cloud journey with AWS, getting consistent network and security management across your software-defined data center (SDDC) and AWS environments can be a big challenge. VMware Network Insight and VMware Log Intelligence can help you overcome this challenge by providing a consistent application security planning and troubleshooting experience across your SDDC and AWS infrastructure. Hear from one of those customers on how VMware Network Insight helped them get consistent security and network troubleshooting across their SDDC and AWS environments.

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