Securing the Cloud VMware Cloud

VMworld SaaS Focused On Making Sure Your Public Cloud Is Secure

Join us this August at VMworld to preview some new and exciting SaaS technology, which addresses the need for more  security and compliance in the public cloud. It helps organizations to build and run applications in the public cloud, to  better understand how applications and data are connected, and where potential vulnerabilities exist.

This new SaaS technology will give Cloud Ops, DevOps and SecOps teams the ability to scan any number of objects running in the public cloud to ensure adherence to mandated security, compliance or operational standards. But what makes this technology different is the ability to scan and index any number of cloud assets and then build a relational model of all the cloud objects.  End users gain deep insights into “connected” vulnerabilities and threats across all the services running in the cloud.

With this technology teams can scan cloud objects across any number of services and accounts to ensure that configuration standards are followed.  They can monitor changes to configurations and also be alerted when service vulnerabilities and risks are identified. The technology can even scan against objects that are in the development pipeline.  That means that teams can proactively address risks before software is even put into production. Best of all teams can easily scale security to meet the needs of multiple teams working across multiple applications and even multiple public clouds.

The following sessions at VMWorld are a great place to check out this technology:

  • Introduction to real-time insight and governance for cloud infrastructure (Session ID: MGT2954BU).  
    This session will provide an overview of the challenges and strategies for enabling governance across cloud infrastructure from AWS, Azure, Google, and VMware. We will showcase VMware technologies that enable a proactive approach for governance that fits well with both Security and DevOps workflows.
  • Finding Connected Threats – The Hidden Risks in Your Public Cloud (Session ID: MGT3718BU).  
    With a growing number of DevOps team leveraging more services, simple compliance evaluation is no longer enough. This session will provide an overview of the need for and approaches to cloud infrastructure security and compliance monitoring; outline an emerging set of connected security risks that can result in compromised cloud accounts and data; and demonstrate how to find and investigate these risks using this solution.
  • Automating Cloud Security, Compliance and Governance into the CI/CID System (Session ID: MGT3719BU).
    This session will look at strategies and tools available to scale cloud security insights across an entire DevOps organization.In a distributed responsibility model, how can organizations be both fast and safe? Join us to find out.

VMworld is a great opportunity not only to attend innovative and informative sessions, but to network with like-minded peers and pioneers. However, if you can’t make a session at the event, make sure to check out the VMworld site about a month to 90 days after the live event, where recordings will available on replay. Learn More on VMware Cloud Services here.