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Webcast: Deploy and Manage Enterprise-Grade Kubernetes on vSphere and in the Cloud with PKS

This blog was originally posted by Rukma Sen, 13th July 2018. Please find this here

Security, storage, monitoring, networking, complexity, and logging–these are all among the top challenges of Kubernetes users, according to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s annual survey. Designed to run large-scale Kubernetes deployments in production, VMware Pivotal Container Service (PKS) simplifies deployment and management of Kubernetes by addressing these challenges.

Over the last few months, we have introduced PKS to practitioners in cities across the United States, Europe, and Australia through in-person PKS workshops. For those of you who were unable to attend in person, we’re bringing PKS to you in an hour-long webcast on Thursday, July 26.

What to Expect

Led by Steve Tegeler, Senior Director of Systems Engineering in the Cloud-Native Apps BU, the webcast introduces PKS and explains how it enables you  to run containers in production at scale on VMware vSphere and in the cloud. You’ll learn how to set up a production-grade Kubernetes platform for your organization and how PKS empowers users to enhance operational efficiency by automating and streamlining Day 1 and Day 2 operational tasks.

You’ll also learn how the deep integration of PKS with NSX-T and other VMware products, such as vRealize Log Insight and Wavefront by VMware, addresses the  top challenges of working with Kubernetes, such as networking, security, monitoring and logging.

The webcast will end with a demo that shows you PKS in action.

Who, When, Where? 

Whether you’re exploring the use of Kubernetes at your organization or already developing containerized applications on Kubernetes, the PKS webcast is for you. We will be live at 10:00 am PDT on July 26. Seats are limited, so register now to save your spot:


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