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VMware on IBM Cloud takes Fujifilm to a hybrid space

When Fujifilm made the decision to advance its IT migration from on-premise to a private cloud, they went with VMware on IBM Cloud using VMware NSX technology.

For this leading force in imaging equipment and services, it was integral to put efficiency first, which is why they chose to migrate with VMware. In fact, using VMware across all environments facilitates a seamless and low-cost transition; it’s estimated to save 45% in operation costs once the process is complete.

With migration well underway, Fujifilm are leveraging VMware NSX technology to connect their existing on-premise VMware environment to the IBM Cloud VMware environment. This creates integrated management of a hybrid cloud, which can respond flexibly to changes in the business environment and extreme increases in data volume.

To find out more about the challenges, solutions and prospects that Fujifilm encountered during their hybrid cloud journey, take a look at the full case study.