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French “Digital Therapy Lab” Betterise Expands into Global Markets with OVH Cloud, Powered by VMware

Betterise, your “one-stop health concierge”, provides a multi-platform app-based service to help users better understand and optimise their health. The app monitors over 900 behavioural indicators across 17 health related fields, such as nutrition, sleep quality, alcohol consumption, memory, happiness, pregnancy and more – all of which are finely tuned to each individual user.

Betterise uses OVH Private Cloud platform powered by VMware, to leverage Big Data capabilities and a behavioural algorithm. This enables them to make deeply personalised recommendations and instructions on why and how users can optimise their health daily. The key to their success? The processing power provided by OVH allows the app to address up to 1,200 different criteria per each of their 300,000 users.

One of their main considerations in rolling out such a widespread operation was the security of their user data, which was made possible by the OVH Private Cloud accreditations for healthcare.

Looking ahead, Betterise are expanding into further territories due to user demand. As they prepare to move into Asia and the Americas, they’re confident that the OVH data centres will support them in these new markets.

Take a look at this video to find out more on how Betterise have leveraged OVH Private Cloud Healthcare platform and services to grow, develop and procure international reach – powered by VMware: