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Networld Conquer Data Recovery with NIFTY Cloud’s DR Service

IT distributor Networld provides both focused products and advanced technicians to its customers, in addition to proposals and deployment support. Therefore, for Networld, disaster recovery (DR) is crucial.

After installing NIFTY Cloud’s DR service with VMware vCloud® Air™ Technology, Networld uncovered a solution that was as seamless to configure as it was inexpensive.

Networld transferred their critical systems for over 400 employees to Dell EMC’s VxRail in 2015, and suddenly this hyper-converged infrastructure became the company’s holy grail. By also leveraging NIFTY Cloud’s DR service powered by VMware, Networld no longer had to worry about adoption, backup and failback of the systems they relied upon daily when moving them across to VxRail.

“The DR service, which fully transfers the VM (virtual machine)
environment using the VxRail functionality, wasn’t available anywhere
else,” said Shojiro Morinaga, Manager of Networld’s Information
Systems Office. “Not only is the DR site indispensable, but it is also insurance for us, and the cost wasn’t that great.”

Find out more about why NIFTY Cloud’s DR service with VMware vCloud is quick, inexpensive and user-friendly in the full case study.


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