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VMware Announces Intent to Acquire Technology and Team from CloudVelox

Today, I’m pleased to announce that VMware has entered into an agreement to acquire the technology and team from CloudVelox to accelerate our roadmap to deliver mobility and hybrid services for a multi-cloud world.

It’s clear that many enterprises are adopting a hybrid cloud approach to enable them to take advantage of the best of private and public clouds as they go through digital transformation. But extending data center on-premises and migrating applications to the pubic cloud at scale comes with challenges including incompatible environments, network complexity, application dependencies, and governance and control, among many others.

In September 2017, we introduced VMware’s Hybrid Cloud eXtension (HCX) Services to deliver any cloud to any cloud secure, seamless interoperability and mobility, enabling large scale application migration and ongoing portability with zero application downtime or refactoring. The acquisition of the CloudVelox technology and team is intended to help us to deliver a richer hybrid cloud service moving forward upon closing.

Why CloudVelox?

CloudVelox is a pioneer in enabling workload mobility between the data center and public clouds. The software they’ve built accelerates workload mobility at scale resulting in “mass migrations” being completed successfully in weeks rather than nine to 12 months. CloudVelox also enables workload optimization in the cloud that can lead to cost savings, performance optimization and enhanced management and control without requiring specialized cloud skills.

CloudVelox’s award-winning One Hybrid Cloud™ software has successfully migrated business-critical applications such as SAP and those relying on Oracle Database from enterprise data centers to public clouds. The software sets up a production-grade hybrid cloud environment, including:

– Automated identification and remapping of workload infrastructure characteristics,

– Cloud-optimized workload synchronization and replication,

– Automated cloud network customization from source to destination environments, and,

– Automated workload mobility without manual effort or specialized cloud skills.

We expect to integrate the CloudVelox technology into VMware HCX upon closing to enhance and accelerate our mission to transform IT to a hybrid, multi-cloud environment by:

– Firstly, enabling a seamless dynamic pool of resources without boundaries – whether the resources are in the company data center, private cloud, public cloud or colocation facility, and,

– Secondly, enabling seamless and secure workload mobility across the hybrid cloud environment.

When we introduced VMware HCX, I believed the service to be a “game changer”– enabling enterprises and Service Providers to re-think the way they deploy, consolidate and migrate their data centers and adopt cloud architectures. We look forward to welcoming the team from CloudVelox to VMware and working with them to deliver new and enhanced VMware HCX features for app mobility and infrastructure hybridity across clouds upon closing of the transaction.