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VMware Cloud Continues to Grow

One of the cornerstones of VMware Cloud is the creation of consistent infrastructure across any cloud and consistent operations across all clouds.

Consistent infrastructure promotes more seamless portability of applications and improved interoperability across multiple clouds, including on-premises data centers. Consistent infrastructure also creates greater freedom for IT to choose the cloud infrastructure services that best suit the needs of their applications and business: security, performance, unique expertise, geographic location and more.

Consistent operations enable IT to provide a common model for visibility, operations, automation, security and governance that spans all clouds.

While consistent infrastructure helps to simplify portability, even those clouds built on vSphere present challenges for IT. Cloud implementations are complex. Diverse network topologies, security models and management environments as well as multiple versions of vSphere all create barriers to interoperability, restricting cloud adoption and limiting innovative use cases.

Introducing VMware HCX technologies

VMware HCX technologies, a new cloud service is now in initial availability with VMware Cloud Providers IBM and OVH. The technology offers secure, seamless interoperability and hybridity between any vSphere-based clouds, enabling large scale cloud-to-cloud migration and application mobility at scale, with no application downtime.

Enabling this kind of interoperability greatly simplifies several key tasks for IT:

Infrastructure modernization: seamlessly migrating from legacy versions of vSphere to the most up to date and advanced VMware Cloud Foundation, modernizing infrastructures without any application downtime or impact to runtime.

Cloud Migration: supporting targets for data center consolidation and app migration without the need for any application modification (no re-IP, no need to re-cert).

VMware HCX technologies provide the operational support to enable efficient cloud migration and to protect the integrity of applications at the origination and destination cloud. Data synchronization, traffic control, VPN and WAN optimizations with built in security all provide the critical operational capabilities to enable efficient and effective cloud migration.

This also opens new opportunities for customers to take advantage of multiple clouds built on vSphere, giving IT the flexibility to select the cloud that’s right for their business and their applications minimizing barriers to cloud portability and eliminating app downtime during migration.

In addition, HCX technologies enable infrastructure hybridity. Customers can now securely extend their datacenters to the cloud while maintaining the same governance and control. HCX creates a secure, high performance and highly reliable hybrid fabric that seamlessly interconnects multiple sites. It provides flexibility to deploy workloads on the cloud for regional and cyclical capacity, supporting bi-directional mobility, business continuity and disaster recovery.

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VMware Cloud Verified

Also at VMworld Europe 2017 we introduced a new dimension to our VMware Cloud Provider program.

VMware Cloud Providers represent the broad set of more than 4,000 public cloud providers built on VMware Cloud Infrastructure technologies, operating in over 100 countries. These cloud service providers give customers the ultimate flexibility to choose the ideal cloud service based on the needs of the business and the needs of IT. Customers can select from a variety of offerings with the optimal set of services and expertise while also managing costs and selecting services that operate in strategic geographic locations. Through the use of VMware Cloud Infrastructure technologies, VMware Cloud Providers also preserve infrastructure and common operations, promoting more seamless portability of apps and interoperability between multiple clouds without compromising visibility, operations, automation, security and governance.

To help customers determine the ideal vendor from these 4,000+ providers, VMware is announcing a new segment of cloud providers, VMware Cloud Verified. Providers carrying this designation have made the deepest investment in VMware Cloud Infrastructure technologies and are committed to offering key services and support on top of that verified VMware Cloud Infrastructure. This designation gives customers the confidence that they are adopting the most complete, most advanced VMware technologies from their public cloud service providers, ensuring the greatest degree of interoperability across their clouds and the greatest advantage for their business.

At VMworld Europe 2017, VMware is introducing the first five VMware Cloud Verified partners: CenturyLink, Fujitsu, IBM, OVH and Rackspace. Each of these Cloud Providers have deployed a verified VMware based infrastructure platform leveraging VMware technologies for compute, networking and storage providing compatibility with customers’ in-house infrastructure and giving customers the freedom and flexibility to run their apps on premises or in the cloud.

VMware will continue to introduce new Cloud Verified partners over time to drive greater flexibility for customers in their selection of global cloud providers with consistent infrastructure and consistent operations.

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