VMware Cloud on AWS

VMware Cloud on AWS – we reached the starting line!

This week at VMworld we launched the initial availability of VMware Cloud on AWS. This truly represents the best of VMware and AWS coming together to create an industry leading hybrid cloud service offering. Teams across VMware and AWS have worked very hard to to reach this milestone. This has been a massive effort from product management, engineering, SRE, marketing, sales, business development, and many, many more teams. For the past couple of years, we have been running incredibly hard to make this happen with a lot of innovation, hard work and collaboration. As a reminder to ourselves that we have only just reached the starting line, the VMware Product Management team put on a pair of shoes at VMworld (custom built for us by an extremely passionate early access customer).

Most importantly, we have seen customers and partners respond with overwhelming support for VMware’s cloud strategy as well as the rapid speed at which we have executed to get a quality SaaS service delivered. We will continue our focus on putting customers first, and making them successful in their digital transformation and the journey to the hybrid cloud.

For more information about this offering, please check my spotlight session with Sai Gopalan at VMworld this week.

Click on “Accelerate the Hybrid Cloud with VMware Cloud on AWS (LHC3159SU)”

Finally, I want to thank my unbelievable product management team. You drive the core VMware product management engine of innovation, strategy and combine that with the right dose of get-it-done mentality. I am constantly learning from you, and always thankful that I work with such talented folks. Together, we will all look back at this week as one of the highlights in our careers. Thank you for everything.


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