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VMware Discovery: Automate Inventory Detection across Clouds

Easily search and organize resources across AWS, Azure and VMware
With the accelerated adoption of multiple clouds, IT teams are facing increasing challenges around cloud visibility. They find it difficult to answer even basic questions such as: How many workloads does my organization run? Which clouds and regions do these workloads live in? Who owns these workloads? That is why VMware is excited to announce the launch of VMware Discovery; a service that improves application visibility across all clouds, both public and private.

Summary of resources across clouds

Discovery delivers an automated and secure approach for detecting inventory across AWS, Azure and VMware environments and makes it easier to search and organize resources. Discovery understands the intricacies of each unique cloud and automates the tedious process of building those cloud integration points to quickly provide a holistic view of all resources. Once configured, Discovery continuously monitors your clouds for changes in inventory so that you never lose sight of cloud resources.

Public and private cloud inventory and metrics collection
Discovery allows you to efficiently collect your public and private cloud inventory and metrics in one single location. It integrates with AWS and Azure using cloud credentials and cloud provider APIs, and with your VMware vSphere environment by deploying a lightweight data-collector.

Inventory, search, and organization based on tags and groups
With built-in search and filters, Discovery enables you to quickly identify resources based on cloud attributes. Using native cloud tags and properties that have already been defined. Discovery allows you to detect applications and organize resources into groups, even if they span across multiple clouds.

Centralized cloud account configuration for multiple VMware Cloud Services
Additionally Discovery helps you simplify configuration of cloud accounts for data collection for Cost Insight. Using Discovery, you can securely add and manage multiple public and private cloud accounts and owners in one single location.

Applications drive business growth today, but for IT, growth often means relying on an ever expanding infrastructure that stretches across multiple public and private clouds. Discovery is a foundational service that brings together inventory data from AWS, Azure and VMware environments to help you improve application visibility.

To learn more about VMware Discovery, visit cloud.vmware.com/discovery

Try Discovery, Cost Insight, Network Insight or NSX Cloud. Available for trial until November 30, 2017.