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Jumping into Cloud-Native Basics: A Video Series

There is no doubt that cloud is at the heart of enabling innovations and the future of applications, but uncertainty and confusion still surround some cloud-native technologies. We’re here to help. Watch our video series outlining the basics of cloud-native technology and get your questions answered. Here’s a look at the topics you can learn about:

  • What is a Container? [Watch Now]

  • In this video, we explore containers for beginners. Many people know a bit about containers, but still have questions about their technical application. Watch this video to get up to speed.

  • The Benefits of Containers [Watch Now]

  • Now, you know what a container is. But do you all of the benefits? In this video we provide an overview of everything you’ll want to know.

  • Kubernetes in 5 Minutes [Watch Now]
  • What is Kubernetes? What does it do? What is it responsible for? Understand the fundamentals of Kubernetes in 5 minutes flat.

  • Docker Networking Options [Watch Now]
  • Did you know that there are different networking options within Docker? In this video, we explore several of the options and what you can expect from each model.

  • Networking with Kubernetes [Watch Now]
  • Want to create networks for Kubernetes pods? No problem, we’ve got you covered. Watch this video and we’ll walk you through the options available.

  • An Analysis of IT Technology Silos: Consumers & Providers [Watch Now]
  • Creating a successful internal IT organization is a collaborative effort that requires support at each step of the way. Across different IT silos, from the physical infrastructure layer all the way up to the application development layer, teams benefit from understanding how they interconnect. Watch this video to understand specific IT silos and what the consumers and providers of technology in each silo care about.

  • Container Registry [Watch Now]
  • What is a container registry? How does it work? Watch this video for a detailed overview.

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    Have questions we didn’t cover in this video series? Leave a comment below or reach us at @CloudNativeApps and let us know what you’d be interested in learning more about! Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel, there will be more to come!