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Self Service Private Cloud with VMware Cloud Foundation

Self-Service Private Cloud with VMware Cloud Foundation

Delivering a Self-Service Private Cloud

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Organizations that are looking to transform their on-premises data center infrastructure into a highly automated private cloud have often struggled with how to deliver a true self-service consumption and delivery model that provides the fine-grained and centralized governance and control required.

Your organization may already be using one or more public clouds for portions of your business, and through this experience, you’ve realized the benefits of cloud infrastructure and operations. You also recognize that while public cloud has its place in application development and other digital initiatives, it’s not a fit for everything. Due to compliance, integration, and cost, certain applications and workloads may need to reside in your on-premises data center, but it’s important to utilize a cloud operating model for a speed, agility, and a consistent self-service experience for service and infrastructure delivery.

Increasingly, users and developers expect a public cloud-like modern and agile self-service experience from their IT organizations. But, without modern infrastructure automation and management tools, building, maintaining and delivering a consistent private cloud can be challenging, costly to maintain, and complex to operate, not to mention keeping up with the latest and modern cloud technologies. What do you do?

Discover Self-Service Private Cloud from VMware

If you’ve followed this blog, you already know that VMware Cloud Foundation delivers a self-service private cloud with a consistent operating, governance, and consumption model for both VM and container-based workloads, but how can it work for your organization? 

Self-service private cloud with VMware Cloud Foundation enables IT organizations like yours to transform your on-premises data center infrastructure into a modern private cloud with self-service consumption and delivery capabilities. Leveraging the industry’s leading modern infrastructure automation platform, VMware vRealize Automation, you can rapidly deliver a modern self-service cloud consumption experience powered by DevOps principles, such infrastructure as code (IaC) via VMware Cloud Templates, and infrastructure pipelining.

Download the new solution brief to learn more how you can enable rapid implementation of a self-service consumption and delivery layer on a private cloud infrastructure based on VMware Cloud Foundation and gain the ability to apply a self-service catalog with standardized content and policies.

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