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Simplify Your Modernization Path with a Single Hybrid Cloud Platform for Both Virtual Machines and Containerized Workloads

If the pace of digital transformation was not moving fast enough before, this year it has accelerated into overdrive as companies try to support the explosive increase in remote workers. There is more pressure than ever on developers and IT to modernize applications in order to deliver new capabilities quickly and meet these urgent business demands.

According to our research, 73 percent of organizations plan to containerize existing apps as part of their modernization efforts. The path to this future state is far from smooth as I&O executives face difficult and time-consuming technical, operations, and people challenges. At the same time, traditional virtual machines remain in widespread use for business-critical applications.

VMware simplifies and accelerates digital transformation with revolutionary technology that enables a “single platform” approach to run both VMs and containers. A single hybrid cloud platform maximizes flexibility and helps reduce operational risk and cost while enabling organizations to modernize at their own pace.

In the Why You Need a Single Hybrid Cloud Platform for Containers and VMs white paper, we walk you through five key considerations IT leaders need to address to streamline and automate the task of running and managing virtual machines and containers:

  • App modernization schedule – Can you make modernization decisions on a per-app basis?
  • Enterprise requirements for Kubernetes – Is your solution developer-ready?
  • Operational risk – Can you reuse current skills, infrastructure and technology?
  • DevOps toolchain integration – Does the solution satisfy the priorities of DevOps and IT?
  • Security and compliance – Can you implement policies consistently through centralized management?

VMware Cloud Foundation™ with VMware Tanzu™ provides a ubiquitous hybrid cloud platform for both traditional enterprise apps and modern apps. When you support both VM and containerized workloads on the VMware Cloud Foundation platform, your IT teams can handle any type of application modernization initiative—for example, rehosting, replatforming, or refactoring—while minimizing complexity and risk, lowering costs, and accelerating time to value.

Learn more about why a single hybrid cloud platform is your key to running and managing VMs and containers, setting you up for digital success. Get all the insights in the white paper:

Why You Need a Single Hybrid Cloud Platform for Containers and VMs: 5 Considerations for IT Leaders


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