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VMware Cloud Foundation Architecture Poster 2.3

VMware is pleased to release the latest VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) architecture poster. VCF is a fully automated, hyper-converged software stack that includes compute, storage, networking and cloud management. Because VCF has so many tightly integrated products, it is important to understand the architecture of these components and how together they create the Software-Defined Data Center. The creation of this poster allows us to give you a visual perspective to the underlying architectural elements.

This new poster focuses on the addition of the vRealize Suite management software that is now deployed with VCF 2.3.

Looking at the poster diagrams for the vRealize Operations Manager and vRealize Automation, you can see how VCF uses its tight integration with NSX to create an NSX Edge load balancer. This NSX load balancer is automatically installed and configured when you deploy these management components.

Another new poster section depicts the some of the security features that are built into VCF.

As part of vSphere 6.5 VM encryption and vMotion encryption is available when using a partner provided KMS.
With NSX being installed and configured during bring up. It is ready for you to begin using the NSX service composer to create distributed firewall rules for your application workloads. vSAN being a core component of VCF includes the ability to enable data at rest encryption.

As you can see from what I have highlighted here, VCF 2.3 is the most comprehensive hybrid cloud architecture for your private cloud. And there is so much to VMware Cloud Foundation, that we couldn’t fit it all on just one poster. If you have questions about VCF in general or questions about the architecture, please click on the link to the poster below and post a question in our VCF communities forum. You can also reach out to us on Twitter @vmwcf

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VMware Cloud Foundation PosterĀ https://communities.vmware.com/docs/DOC-37767



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