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VMware Ranks #3 in Computerworld Best Places to Work in IT

A Culture of Possibility Starts With Our Customers

VMware believes in the power of the individual to affect change. As the waves of technology adoption accelerate, the business must be able to respond to market opportunities much faster. VMware IT plays a crucial role in enabling innovation in order to provide the solutions and services to make this a reality.

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AI Is Here: The 5 Steps You Need to Take Now

Yesterday, I used an app to find out how long my commute would be if I left later than usual. Today, my garage door opened when it sensed my phone, as I turned onto my street in my car. Tomorrow, I might download an app to find a bike near me, ride across town, and drop the bike off on the sidewalk for the next person to use it, without having to trudge to a docking station. Continue reading

VMware IT Shares its Transformation Story

During the past couple of years, I have shared VMware IT’s transformation story—our challenges, successes, and future plans. Our story is rich with accomplishments as well as learnings that illustrate how IT innovates to tackle business and technology challenges and accelerate our business growth.

Fundamental to this story is the IT culture of innovation. Not innovation as a catchphrase but innovation as an operating model and a way of collaborating that spans and extends beyond IT. An innovative environment gives our employees the latitude to think outside the box and even turn the box upside down to get a fresh perspective. Innovation is one of the most important IT drivers to help the business perform at the top of its game.

We have distilled this story into an inaugural IT annual performance report. By sharing our story with industry business leaders and fellow IT organizations, we hope to spark a discussion, both from within and across the industry. We all improve when we learn from each other about what’s possible.

In this report, we share the many achievements VMware IT has made during the past year. Highlights include a colleague support cost-per-case that is one-third the industry leading average; a 12% drop in our IT cost per colleague over two years; the release of more than 5,300 business app features; and our continued expansion into the hybrid cloud with path-breaking services (tested first by us), such as VMware Cloud on AWS.

We recognize that embracing change is core to our future success. This year, we will seize new opportunities to reimagine and optimize our processes and technology while attracting the best and brightest talent to help us. We will boldly embrace emerging technologies, including IoT, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, to advance efficiency and productivity. And we will continue to identify new ways to leverage cloud, mobility, security, and the digital workspace to accelerate business success.

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Grading my 2017 Predictions – A Report Card

If hindsight is 20/20, my 2017 foresight was around 20/70.

It’s become quite the thing to make year-end predictions. I do it every year – here are my projections for 2018. But even more interesting are the reflections on just how prescient you actually were in foreseeing the future.

How did I do in 2017? The overall thread of my expectations for last year focused around interconnection; I think it’s pretty clear that is still the direction interwoven and increasingly sophisticated technology is going. I am discovering that it’s easy to predict trends but more difficult to accurately foretell their timing. Continue reading

Top 10 Things IT Leaders Need to Get Right

So a group of IT managers walks into a room…

Sounds like the start of a bad joke, but in reality, I was delighted to bring together my IT team to discuss how we can continue to improve upon collaboration, innovation, and agility. But don’t worry, I brought plenty of my own bad jokes.

Humor aside, this was an opportunity to gather my leadership team for an open conversation on how we can best succeed in the coming year. IT leaders within their respective enterprises have three jobs critical to success: Execution, innovation, and effective guidance of their teams. So what does an IT team need to do to accomplish these three items; how do you continue to inspire, scale, and win? Continue reading

CIO Whisperer- How to Become Your CIO’s Trusted Advisor

Gone are the days when the CIO once operated in a silo from the rest of the business. No longer are there instances when architects and their managers talk IT without a discussion on the impact to the business’ bottom line.

CIOs often find themselves caught between the business hammer and the technology anvil. It is time for technologists to step forward and stand alongside their CIOs and use their skills to enable change in IT. Increasingly, technologists must bridge the gap between IT and the core business, to better inform their CIOs with the goal of being a close confidant. In fact, IT is becoming a crucial part of the core business.

After going through our own digital transformation, both at VMware and Dell Technologies, I look forward to sharing tips on how technologists can use their tech, organizational and cultural know-how to enable successful transformation.

Join me, VMware strategist Art de Blaauw, and principal business solutions strategist Elan Yanovsky, to learn how we talk technology in a business context and how we have successfully become trusted advisors.

Join us on Monday, August 28 from 2:00-3:00PM at VMworld U.S. and Tuesday, Sep. 12, from 11:00-12:00 at VMworld Barcelona.

Add this your agenda via schedule builder. Additional session details below.

This session is one of thirty plus sessions being offered as part of the brand-new ‘Leading Digital Transformation’ track for IT professionals. For more information on this track, click here.

Art de Blaauw (@artdeblaauw)       Elan Yanovsky (@elan_ya)

Additional session details:

Session Type:  Panel Discussion

Track :  Leading Digital Transformation

Market Segment:  Commercial, Enterprise, Financial Services, Healthcare, SMB

Session Audience:  IT – All, IT – Operations, Executive Office, IT – Applications Development, Technical Support

Product and Topics:  Cloud Foundation, Workspace ONE, View, AirWatch by VMware, VMware on VMware, vRealize Suite

Technical Level:  Business Focus

Session Hashtag:  #LDT2346PU

VMworld 2017: Introducing the Digital Transformation Track

It’s almost VMworld time of year again! And this year, I’m excited to personally invite all who are now, or will someday be, leaders of IT to our newly introduced “Leading the Digital Transformation” track at this year’s show.

Led by VMware IT leaders, practitioners, and customers, the track has more than 30 sessions. They’re loaded with pragmatic guidance on topics like implementing a transformation strategy, modernizing the data center, integrating public clouds, empowering digital workspaces, and transforming security.

Given the current necessity to digitize businesses, the timing couldn’t be better. As technology evolves at light speed, so too should management. IT practitioners must begin to look at themselves as IT leaders of the future. Our goal is to prime these emerging leaders and inspire innovation.

Check some additional thoughts of mine on why empowering people is so important for the future of IT.

Take advantage of our Leading Digital Transformation Track to learn about how customers like you are building and executing strategies for transformation across cloud, mobility and security to meet their business goals.

Register now for VMworld U.S. 2017, August 27–31 in Las Vegas, or September 11–14 in Barcelona, and sign up today for an indispensable series of sessions created specifically for you as IT leaders.


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