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IT: From CYA to ASAN

TonyScott-cropBy Tony Scott, CIO, VMware

Almost every CIO I speak with talks about the increasing pace of business change and the need for IT to either help drive the change, or, at a minimum, be a key ingredient of the desired business model. As IT leaders, we feel the pressure to change rapidly, to be flexible and nimble, and to proactively meet the needs of the entire organization. With new technology and the new focus on IT as a critical business partner, we can do all of that – as long as we change the way we operate. Continue reading

IT Transformation: It’s Time for a New Mental Model

by Tony Scott, CIO VMware TonyScott-crop

Back in the early days of automobile development, the first engineers used terms like “horseless carriage” or “steam wagon” to describe their inventions. These monikers worked because people could relate the new-fangled machines to what they were accustomed to using. The concept fit their mental model. Continue reading

Why I Joined VMware

by Tony Scott, CIO VMware TonyScott-crop
I have been at VMware for less than a year, and I can truly say that I am delighted to be here. As CIO, I lead VMware’s Global Information Technology Group, which manages critical technology systems supporting the company’s worldwide business operations. My team is also responsible for advancing and protecting VMware’s information assets, helping the company meet the IT needs of more than 500,000 customers. I’d also like to add that VMware has the added, and enviable, charter to support our R&D organization and in that way contributes to our product success. Needless to say, this combination makes our daily work exhilarating. I am often asked, “Why did you join VMware?” The answer is surprisingly simple – Continue reading