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VMware Ranks #3 in Computerworld Best Places to Work in IT

A Culture of Possibility Starts With Our Customers

VMware believes in the power of the individual to affect change. As the waves of technology adoption accelerate, the business must be able to respond to market opportunities much faster. VMware IT plays a crucial role in enabling innovation in order to provide the solutions and services to make this a reality.

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AI Is Here: The 5 Steps You Need to Take Now

Yesterday, I used an app to find out how long my commute would be if I left later than usual. Today, my garage door opened when it sensed my phone, as I turned onto my street in my car. Tomorrow, I might download an app to find a bike near me, ride across town, and drop the bike off on the sidewalk for the next person to use it, without having to trudge to a docking station. Continue reading