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VMware IT Shares its Transformation Story

During the past couple of years, I have shared VMware IT’s transformation story—our challenges, successes, and future plans. Our story is rich with accomplishments as well as learnings that illustrate how IT innovates to tackle business and technology challenges and accelerate our business growth.

Fundamental to this story is the IT culture of innovation. Not innovation as a catchphrase but innovation as an operating model and a way of collaborating that spans and extends beyond IT. An innovative environment gives our employees the latitude to think outside the box and even turn the box upside down to get a fresh perspective. Innovation is one of the most important IT drivers to help the business perform at the top of its game.

We have distilled this story into an inaugural IT annual performance report. By sharing our story with industry business leaders and fellow IT organizations, we hope to spark a discussion, both from within and across the industry. We all improve when we learn from each other about what’s possible.

In this report, we share the many achievements VMware IT has made during the past year. Highlights include a colleague support cost-per-case that is one-third the industry leading average; a 12% drop in our IT cost per colleague over two years; the release of more than 5,300 business app features; and our continued expansion into the hybrid cloud with path-breaking services (tested first by us), such as VMware Cloud on AWS.

We recognize that embracing change is core to our future success. This year, we will seize new opportunities to reimagine and optimize our processes and technology while attracting the best and brightest talent to help us. We will boldly embrace emerging technologies, including IoT, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, to advance efficiency and productivity. And we will continue to identify new ways to leverage cloud, mobility, security, and the digital workspace to accelerate business success.

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