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IT’s Evolution: Backroom Operators to Customer Champions

I had the privilege of speaking at the Gartner IT Expo in Barcelona earlier this month. This article covers some of the key points I made around innovation in IT, Mobile moments, and my view of the expectations of next generation IT professionals.

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Have You Been Reverse-Mentored by a Millennial Lately?


20150722_1_0057Have You Been Reverse-Mentored by a Millennial Lately?
By Bask Iyer, CIO, VMware

From sending quick messages to friends, to making payments at Starbucks, to getting turn-by-turn voice-guided navigation to a restaurant, to sharing videos with family members in another part of the world—smartphones do it all. These handheld engineering wonders offer so much convenience that, as we all know, it’s hard to go for even an hour without reaching for one.

But when we compare the real world to the more focused world of enterprise IT, mobile hasn’t impacted our business processes nearly as radically. At least not yet. And one of the major reasons behind this, I believe, is the ongoing disconnect between senior management and Millennials.

Let me explain.
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