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From Transforming the Enterprise to Serving the Nation

TonyScott_resizeMy Journey Continues

By Tony Scott, CIO, VMware

It has been 18 months since I joined VMware, and what an incredible journey it has been. I came to VMware because of its transformational potential, the leadership, the people and the location. I have been fortunate to have benefited on every front.

VMware’s technology is truly transforming the enterprise, the industry and even the economy. I have heard first-hand from customer CIOs and IT leaders. VMware’s leadership team is inspiring and has the right vision to drive this company to new heights. The single most important joy for me is being able to come in every single day and work at VMware with the best colleagues in the industry. The joys of the location never dim, and we are so lucky in Silicon Valley to have such great natural beauty and weather, though a little more rain these days wouldn’t be so bad.

Recently, I have been given an unprecedented opportunity – to become United States Chief Information Officer. This means in some ways I would play the same role I was playing at VMware, but at the national level.

I want to thank Pat Gelsinger and the VMware executive team for supporting this move. I felt the time was right for me to more fully engage in an effort to give back to our nation. I have spent almost 4 decades pursuing a career in technology at VMware, Microsoft, GM, The Walt Disney Company, and Bristol-Myers Squibb.  I have made small efforts at giving back to the community through my involvement in the City of Hope and the Ph.D. Project. In recent weeks, I have been working part-time on a Federal Task Force to shape government policy around the role of technology in economic growth and driving the creation of jobs, as well as expanding opportunities for veterans and women. My new role will allow me to focus full-time on improving IT for our citizens.

In his recent State of the Union message, President Obama emphasized the importance of technology as a means of accelerating economic growth, innovation and increased job opportunities. He also articulated the need to take action in specific areas such as cybersecurity, net neutrality, e-health, and expanding both the access and speed of the Internet. I will contribute in these areas and will bring what I have learned in my career to this role.

I take with me VMware’s EPIC2 values: Passion and Integrity and a focus on Execution, Customers and the Community. I am inspired by VMware’s culture of hard work and determination, the desire to excel for a cause and the ability to transform.

It has been an incredible journey. While it has been shorter than I initially envisioned, I am honored at the opportunity to bring key aspects of the VMware vision to the national level. I will carry VMware’s passion and excitement about how technology can transform enterprises to our national economy, and this will hopefully have an impact on the broad American public.  Thank you for being a partner in my journey. I look forward to staying in touch.

— Tony

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