Finance Core Competencies

The Finance competency framework defines what is valued and rewarded within the CFO organization and provides the basis for meaningful career conversations. Each employee has the opportunity to contribute in an environment that encourages collaboration, development, and be recognition.

Business Partnerships

Business Partnership

  • Influences and communicates for change
  • Understands stakeholder goals and responds to and anticipates future needs
VMware and Industry Knowledge

VMware and Industry Knowledge

  • Understands the nature of the VMware industry
  • Demonstrates knowledge of products and services
Analysis_ Presentation_Data

Analysis and Presentation of Data

  • Synthesizes financial data into meaningful information
  • Translates analysis and results into actionable recommendations that support decision making

Thinks and Acts Strategically

  • Understands the connections and relationships between one’s work and how it impacts others
  • Proactively considers possible future challenges and opportunities in making plans and decisions

Process Excellence

  • Focuses on measurable continuous improvement
  • Identifies appropriate metrics and tracks progress and improvement over time
Accounting_Management_Reporting_ Knowledge

Accounting and Management Reporting Knowledge

  • Ensures accuracy and processing efficiency
  • Reviews information for accuracy, timeliness, and completeness