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VMware Interns Drive What’s Next Through Meaningful Projects

VMware interns contribute their intellectual curiosity, innovative ideas and refreshing enthusiasm to the company every day. Interns make an impact from day one. Matt Wendorf, Technical Recruiter for University Relations shares how interns can bring their innovative ideas to life and professionally develop at VMware through meaningful projects that are driving what’s next in IT.


You will not find interns at VMware fetching coffee or answering phones this summer. No, interns from across the globe will find themselves traveling to VMware office sites for the opportunity to work on meaningful projects with tangible business implications. VMware interns are seen as capable extensions of their product engineering teams. These individuals are the future thought leaders in the systems software industry and are highly regarded with such prestige. Many of the 200+ R&D interns that join VMware every summer already come with a proven track record of success, but an internship at VMware will give them the opportunity to take this success to the next level.

It is not surprising to see an intern’s work during a 12-16 week internship show up in a product’s source code. We have products shipping today that still rely upon code created by an intern many, many moons ago. If an intern is looking for the necessary product development experience to compete in the hyper-competitive systems software industry, those skills are often honed during a VMware internship. From design to technical specs to prototype to product, our interns will have the opportunity to master this domain while contributing to the bottom line.

An Intern at VMware might also find themselves in the thick of the software patent application process. These interns will learn what it takes to work alongside their product team and IP lawyers to prepare and submit a patent application. The valuable experience with the challenging and complicated patent application process is also great experience to add to their CVs. There are numerous occasions where an intern knowingly and surprisingly found their name on a VMware patent. This gives the intern’s work incredible visibility both internally and externally.

While some VMware interns are attracted to product engineering projects, other interns are more concerned with research-based internships. VMware has plenty of research-based internship opportunities that go through a rigorous approval process with graduate students in mind. These intern projects tend to be more exploratory and have a larger scope. Our research interns forgo opportunities with prestigious research labs and often come back each summer to intern at VMware. Their intern projects often serve as the foundation for their degree research and thesis. They can also gain special access to invaluable systems and resources not available to all researchers.

Sometimes these interns find themselves rubbing elbows with the top engineers in R&D and working on the most advanced research projects happening within the company. These projects are often forward looking and strategic, but can serve as a foundation for future product roadmaps. Our Horizon Mobile product was essentially created out of a summer internship project. The VMware Horizon Mobile team now boasts more than 20 engineers and a successful position in the mobile virtualization space. A summer internship at VMware can get you in on the ground floor with such product teams.

Research interns also have opportunities to publish papers and submit them to the best technical journals and conferences. Our mentors and managers empower the interns to go above and beyond the original project scope. Not only might an intern’s paper be published in our internal publication, the VMware Technical Journal, but papers could and have been accepted by outside journals, systems software conferences and technical workshops alike.

We on the University Relations team are trying to create an intern program that is conducive to both personal and professional growth. Giving our interns a sense of value through product engineering, publishing, patent applications and advanced research makes VMware one of the most attractive internship opportunities in today’s software industry.


Do you want to envision what’s next in IT and for yourself? Learn how you can bring your innovative ideas to life and watch them grow here.


Matt Wendorf, Technical Recruiter for University Relations at VMware


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