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VMware Hiring Manager: Dan McLean of the VMware Cloud and Service Provider Group in Australia

What if you could get to know the Hiring Managers at VMware before you come onsite for an interview? Well now you can with our new Meet the Hiring Manager series. From their own career journeys to the characteristics that they look for in candidates, we want you to hear from the people who help bring teams together at VMware – Hiring Managers.


Dan McLean, Sydney Australia 

This week, meet Dan McLean, Director of the Cloud and Service Provider Group, who is based in  Sydney, Australia. Dan and his teams are hiring for several positions that will help lead the work on VMware Cloud on AWS, an exciting new cloud offering, jointly developed by AWS (Amazon Web Services) and VMware.

VMware Cloud on AWS delivers a highly scalable, secure and innovative service that allows organizations to seamlessly migrate and extend their on-premises VMware vSphere-based environments to the AWS Cloud. The service is the result of significant joint engineering to create a true hybrid-cloud environment, that offers consistent operations and management with the elastic scalability of AWS.  VMware Cloud on AWS is delivered, sold, and supported globally by VMware.

Ready to get to know more about Dan and his team? Read on.

VMware Careers: Dan, can you share how you’ve arrived at this point of your career?

Dan: I love tackling hard problems and doing interesting jobs. It’s led me across many industries and roles, and this diversity of experience has given me valuable perspectives on many industries and myself. I was one of the early employees of VMware. I realized that VMware was creating game changing technology that would fundamentally reshape how applications were delivered. I underestimated just how profound it would be and have enjoyed many roles with the company here in Australia and Asia. I’m fortunate to lead of a team of high performing people who work tirelessly with our customers to achieve tremendous success.

VMware Careers: How did you get into tech, in particular the sales function?

Dan: I spent many years working in technology functions, but always found how people were using technology to solve business challenges more interesting. This naturally led to sales, as it brings you closer to customers. Great sales people know their solutions, but spend more time to deeply understand their customer’s needs and map these into solutions that can drive benefit. Additionally, cloud sales, is totally merit based. Unless you are delivering value, customers won’t grow their usage or even stay on the service. There is little lock-in and your success is intrinsically linked to customer success.

VMware Careers: How does VMware ANZ (Australia/New Zealand) compare to other tech companies in Australia?

 Dan: There are a lot of similarities with other global tech companies – the global reach, the scale of the systems and size of the customer base, and the opportunities to look globally in scope. I’ve had some incredibly memorable experiences in my career at VMware. What sets VMware apart is the willingness to break with status quo and innovate in order to meet the high expectations of customers. Customers in Australia and New Zealand are at the forefront of technology trends, they’re early adopters and innovators, and this puts them ahead of their global peers. Sometimes we must be willing to forego the global standard and innovate locally. VMware has always pursued this with vigor. The company has a set of values it calls EPIC2. We measure decisions against these values and genuinely strive to be a terrific place to work. It’s this willingness to try new things, to innovate and operate in a genuinely great culture that makes VMware a great place to work.


VMware Careers: Tell us about the VMware and AWS Partnership?

Dan: I’m really excited about the partnership with AWS. Australia has been one of the leading market adopters of both VMware and AWS, and bringing these two capabilities together will be incredibly powerful for our customers and partners. VMware Cloud provides the richly featured, reliable and secure platform that runs the mission critical datacenters for customers, and puts this on the AWS platform. Why is this good? Well it makes running a VMware SDDC platform incredibly simple and easy. VMware does all the hard work to design, secure and deploy the platform so customers can easily make use of it. It’s seamlessly compatible with what they have today in their own datacenter to make moving workloads easy, and it sits alongside the rich and growing array of AWS services. The compute platform can readily scale to meet demand, and customers can easily connect their AWS services into workloads running on VMC. That’s the technology front. What I’m more excited about is that it brings together two organisations obsessed with great customer outcomes. It’s this combination of customer focus and technology that is going to be at the forefront of digital transformation.


VMware Careers: You are hiring for VMware Cloud on AWS. Tell us about the type of characteristics that you look for in people?

Dan: Of course an understanding of technology and the industry is important, but what I look for most, and find most important for success, is attitude.  Success comes from attitude: – Are you curious?  Are you willing to work hard?  Do you work effectively with others?  Do you listen?  Are you authentic and honest?  Whilst we can train for the technology – we struggle to train for attitude.


VMware Careers: If you could offer one piece of career advice, what would it be?

Dan: Take the challenging projects that no one else wants — it’s all upside.  And, see my note above regarding attitude.


The VMware and AWS teams are driving a phenomenal pace of innovation. Are you interested in joining this new dynamic team and working for leaders like Dan? Take a look at the VMware Cloud on AWS roles open in VMware Australia.


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Meet VMware PSO Hiring Managers Horst and Ewa

What if you could get to know the Hiring Managers at VMware before you come onsite for an interview? Well now you can with our new Meet the Hiring Manager series. From career journeys to the characteristics that they look for in candidates, we want you to hear from the people who help bring teams together at VMware – Hiring Managers. To kick off the series, we’d like to introduce you to  Horst Mundt and Ewa Mazurek, two Professional Services organization Managers from Germany and Poland.

Horst Mundt, Germany

Ewa Mazurek, Poland

Tell us about your career to date and your current role at VMware?

Horst: I joined VMware’s Professional Services organization (PSO) as a Technical Account Manager (TAM) in 2008. In that role, I worked with Public and Enterprise customers. I learned a lot about how customers use VMware technology and why they use it that way. After four years, I had the opportunity to move into a TAM management role. I did that for a little more than a year and then moved into a Consulting Manager role because I felt that I could have a bigger impact. Now I manage the Consulting organization for DACH    (Deutschland, Austria & Switzerland) and Eastern Europe. Prior to joining VMware, I worked in Technical Consulting, Development, Architecture and Project Management roles for more than 10 years. I hold a university degree in Mathematics with a focus in Computer Science.

Ewa: I’ve been working in the Professional Services organization at VMware for six years now, and during this time I’ve had the pleasure to hold several roles within the organization. I used to deliver engagements and projects, took care of profitability and success, and sold services in Eastern Europe. I also had an opportunity to manage a team of Technical Account Managers and Consultants. From there, I changed my focus to the German market and took on the leadership of one of the biggest projects that we had had at that time in Central Europe (CEMEA). Recently, I moved to a management position, where I take care of a team of Consultants and Architects who are working in Germany.

Before my adventure with VMware started, I held several technical, including Support Engineer, Consultant and Architect, as well as Project Management and Business Development positions. I graduated from a technical university where I earned my undergraduate diploma in Computer Science. Then I strengthened my business acumen by completing an executive MBA program.

Why did you decide to pursue a career in technology?

Ewa: I have always had a passion for science and mathematics. Having been surrounded by similar souls and being able to easily develop in the science and mathematics subjects, I spent a lot of time doing what I liked  , doing it with ease, never getting bored, and having a lot of fun.

At some point, I had to focus my area of interests so I chose computer science. To some extent, you can work on a bit of everything when you’re in an IT-focused role. I have worked for many customers across industries, which has given me a broad understanding of the challenges that organisations face and how they can be addressed with technology. At the same time, every day I appreciate the crowd of beautiful minds that I work with.

Horst: I also always had a strong interest in science. Actually, as a kid I was much more interested in chemistry, but when I was thirteen or fourteen computers became generally affordable. I had a Sinclair ZX81 and I was totally fascinated by how I could make it do all kind of different things (as long as they fit into 16 KB of RAM). Also, the “try & error” way of learning how to program was much less smelly than it was in chemistry. I quickly figured out that Software-Defined was the way to go for me. Later at University, I had the lucky opportunity to work as a System Administrator for two university institutes. That role gave me unlimited Internet access in the mid-90s, which was mind blowing After that role, it was impossible for me to imagine working in a different field.

Tell us about your team.

Horst: The team currently consists of forty Consultants and Architects who are focusing on VMware’s SDDC products (vSphere, vSAN, vRealize). Most team members are based in Germany, but three are in Switzerland and two are in Poland. They work and perform technology miracles for VMware’s largest and most strategic customers on a daily basis. I could not imagine a better team to work with.

What customers do you and your team support?

Ewa: We work with mid- to large-sized customers from all vertical markets. This brings a variety of expertise to the team as each market requires a specific kind of knowledge. Sometimes these are legal limitations, high security demands and regulations, or the volume of data that needs to be processed. The diversity of work creates the perfect environment for people to professionally development.

What kind of projects do you and your team deliver?

Horst: It can be anything from a vSphere health check to a multi-year transformation project delivered by a dedicated team of project managers, architects, consultants and partners. A major portion of our revenue comes from the bigger projects, so a big part of the team is engaged with that work.

Do people get bored if they work on the same project for a year or more?

Horst: We usually find that these projects are among the most exciting ones to work on and that people are quite happy to stay on them for an extended period of time. It gives them the opportunity to work with the latest and greatest VMware products; they’re sometimes the first ones to implement them in a customer environment. This is one reason why people want to be on the team. We’re always looking for opportunities to rotate team members between projects and to work on different, short-term engagements from time to time. This could be a few days of knowledge transfer on a specific topic for a different customer, a short proof of concept delivered together with our Pre-sales organization, or a short “firefighting” engagement if a customer runs into a bigger issue and needs help from us. These engagements are arranged in such a way that they do not impact the team members main projects with the customers that they’re supporting. As with probably any software vendor’s Professional Services organization, boredom is usually in short supply.

What kind of challenges would a consultant on your team be faced with?

Ewa: “Change is the only constant” sounds like a cliché, but I must admit that nowadays, especially in technological fields, where IT is a business value creator, this is very much true. In consequence, each and every day our consultants have to not only deliver what was requested, but also keep their eyes wide open to new needs and opportunities. They have to be flexible enough to adopt to new products, solutions and demands on the market quickly. It’s a never-ending story of constantly developing your skills, being eager to learn and adopting to changing requirements. Fortunately, we mostly hire techies who enjoy being in this demanding position and who closely follow or even outdistance the cutting-edge technology available on the market. Some consultants find it very exciting and motivating to travel and visit with customers located in cities across central Europe. For others, it may be overwhelming to travel that often, and the opportunity to sightsee, as well as the senator status in an airlines’ frequent traveler program may not be rewarding enough for them to make up for the time away from home.

How do you as managers interact with your teams?

Horst: It is very important for us to be in touch with the team members on a regular basis. Since the team is distributed across the region, we don’t usually have the opportunity to walk up to somebody’s desk and say hello. We have set ourselves a baseline of having a one-on-one call with every direct report at least every two weeks, and weekly for the first months after somebody joins. We try to meet everyone at least once a quarter face-to-face. This could be in conjunction with a customer visit or interviews –  sometimes I travel to Zürich or Dresden (where we have a large customer) just to meet with the team.

We also have a bi-weekly call for the whole team where we share organizational or business updates; occasionally team members present a project that they are working on too. It’s almost impossible to find a slot that works for everyone, so we record the calls and people can watch the recording when they have time. And of course, we have phone, email, and instant messaging for ad-hoc communication.

What advice would you give to someone looking to start their career in IT?

Ewa: Try to start as an intern or a new graduate at one of the leading-edge IT companies. Working in a fast-developing company that offers the best products and solutions in the market provides huge opportunities for your career development. VMware has a dedicated program for new graduates  . The program is a series of general IT and on-the-job trainings followed by several weeks of working alongside experienced employees so that you can gain practical knowledge and work confidently on your own.

Horst: My advice would be to focus on a certain topic that is not too broad because it will allow you to become really good at it in a relatively short amount of time. This technical expertise will give you a feeling of security, which I believe is important to have when you are just starting your career. You can broaden your technology portfolio later – actually it will come automatically since technology is changing all the time. The graduate program , like Ewa described above, is a great way to build up the initial knowledge you need in order to successfully start your career.

What is your usual interview process for roles within the team?

Ewa: The first step for us is always a 1:1 interview with the candidate. This can be done face-to-face or via phone. During this phase, we want to understand the candidate’s professional profile and experience. This interview is done by one of the PSO managers. The next step is usually a technical screening, which is focused on determining the skills that the candidate already has and how fast he or she can be ready to work alone with the customer. The last part is a face-to-face meeting where we decide if we are meant to be a great team together.

How do you onboard new team members; what training do they get?

Horst: There is a new hire orientation (we call it New Employee Experience (NEE)) at our Munich office during the first two working days of every month. New team members get their equipment (mobile phone, laptop, etc.) and a first introduction to the various departments within VMware. NEE is followed up with a role-specific online training plan called START Online, which covers technical and business conduct guidelines. Once this is complete, people get invited to START Live, which is a multi-day role-specific enablement event in our Staines, UK office. Complementary to NEE and START, we agree on a personal onboarding plan with the new team member. This personalized onboarding plan generally consists of product training, ride alongs, (where you shadow a senior colleague on a customer engagement) and lab time. It can also include getting updated certifications or spending time with the Centre of Excellence team in Sofia. We also assign an experienced team member as a mentor to help the new hire get up to speed quickly.

What is the most important thing you are looking for in a candidate?

Ewa: I strongly believe that communication is a key to success. I’m looking for people who can talk in a clear and structured way about their motivations, ambitions, development plans, and previous experience. I’m looking at the potential and enthusiasm of the candidate, as well as at their current level of expertise in certain technical areas. When I see a drive to learn, I’m happy to arrange additional trainings for the candidate. A good understanding of IT in general is necessary and knowledge of VMware technology is an advantage.

Horst: The motivation to constantly learn new things and to apply what you have learned are equally important. The speed at which VMware’s products, and technology in general, are evolving can be pretty overwhelming. On the one hand you need to stay up to date and on the other hand it is our job to bring value to our customers by getting our solutions up and running, so you can’t just try out new stuff in the lab all day. Of course, we as managers provide guidance on how to do this successfully with quarterly training plans that ensure a consistent level of knowledge across the team and with individual development plans. Recently, we had a two-day team enablement event where we all met face-to-face to share knowledge and to learn about knew technologies. It was impressive to see how even people who joined the team less than half a year ago have put their learnings to use.

What should a candidate do if they are interested in a PSO job but they’re not sure if they meet 100% of the requirements in the job description?

Ewa: A job description is a baseline for candidates to understand the profiles of people we’re looking for and to give them a first impression of whether they want to work in our organization. If the candidate presents qualities which are beyond our expectations, we can do a concession on some requirements listed in a job description. My advice for candidates who meet the most crucial requirements and feel that they want to be a part of our team is to apply. We usually have more open positions across the business, so we try to look at the candidates in an open way in order not to lose somebody who may be a better fit for a team outside of Professional Services.


Interested in joining VMware’s Professional Services organization and working for leaders like Ewa & Horst? Take a look at our open roles here and apply today!  


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Stories of Who We Are – Danette Boyd – Perez

Every person has a unique story to tell. Stories about what motivates us and what inspires us are reflections of who we are. Stories of Who We Are takes a closer look at the people in the VMware community by featuring portraits and compelling narratives from the perspectives of our diverse employees from all across the globe.

Dannette Boyd Perez

Benefits Consultant


“How I became a benefits consultant is a funny story; this is my fourth career. I studied psychology and was a therapist, but I actually made more money in the restaurant business. I was even a general manager for the state capital of Austin. Eventually I thought to myself that I wanted to get a foot in the door in HR, and so I started in staffing at Dell. Soon they asked if I could help with benefits, and I haven’t looked back since.

I am passionate about working for a company that cares about their employees. VMware came knocking at my door about a year ago, and when I looked out I thought, ‘this is where my voice will be heard.’ One great memory here, one that makes me feel super proud, is the Paid Parental Leave program. Employees get to take 18 weeks, the most important time of their child’s life, be away with them, and not have to worry about their finances. I’m a little bit like Santa Claus, right? And everyone thinks it’s all about the moms, but the dads are the ones who send the notes and thank-you calls! They say, ‘I get to stay with my son/daughter and I can bond with them,’ and it’s like they don’t believe it. That’s what makes me think this is the pinnacle; we are offering best-in-class benefits in the United States. I get to enhance the physical, spiritual, and financial wellbeing of employees, and that’s the fun part! We are the unsung heroes who usually only hear about when things break; we’re here at the bottom of the pyramid, raising the other folks so that they can do their jobs. The fact that we can come to resolutions and satisfy not only the company, but also the employees, makes me realize, ‘this is a great job, this is an amazing job.”


Learn more about who we are at VMware:




Stories of Who We Are – Eduardo Guillen

Every person has a unique story to tell. Stories about what motivates us and what inspires us are reflections of who we are. Stories of Who We Are takes a closer look at the people in the VMware community by featuring portraits and compelling narratives from the perspectives of our diverse employees from all across the globe.

Eduardo Guillen

Senior Manager Internal Audit

Heredia, Costa Rica

“I was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2009, and later found out that my liver and peritoneal nodes were also affected. After my diagnosis, I made a decision I would not die from cancer. It was a very positive mindset to have, but also a very egocentric and arrogant one. You can’t decide these things on your own, and you can’t fight alone. A year earlier I saw how my mother overcame her own cancer, so she was my role model helping me to overcome mine. Also, my girlfriend at the time (now my wife) decided to support me unconditionally. I immediately started to experience the terrible secondary effects of the treatment, a very strong chemotherapy, and after another 8 months of treatment, I received notice that the tumor in my liver was still there and I had to get surgery. The day I went in, they told me they didn’t need to perform the surgery because the tumor had disappeared. It was one of the happiest days of my life.

I had only one dream in my life and that was to be a dad. Unfortunately, because of the chemo treatment I became sterile however I never lost faith in achieving that dream. I was sure I would be a dad in one way or another, and today I have a son of two years, the second miracle of my life. If there is any message to share it is that winners never give up.

At work, I see myself as a business partner who helps teams to achieve their goals. I couldn’t work for a company that isn’t compatible with my values and principles, and VMware is completely compatible with me. When my son grows up and asks dad, what do you do? I’ll say what I do every day is create better lives for people.”


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Stories of Who We Are – Mariana Ramirez

Every person has a unique story to tell. Stories about what motivates us and what inspires us are reflections of who we are. Stories of Who We Are takes a closer look at the people in the VMware community by featuring portraits and compelling narratives from the perspectives of our diverse employees from all across the globe.

Mariana Ramirez

Senior Manager Partner Support

Heredia, Costa Rica

“I have always been very passionate about giving back to the community, so when I started at VMware it was like Disneyland to me because they promote giving back so well. I took advantage of how VMware programs offer the opportunity to give back to the community while still growing as a professional. So, I attended Good Gigs, a global program in which I helped implement education technology in a township in South Africa. There I led the team that developed the training programs for the implementation of the technology. The team was a group of people I didn’t know, of all different cultures, but we were able to become connected as humans not as co-workers or people of different cultures. We were united by the common thought: “how can we help technology impact education.

I thought I was going there to make a change, but honestly, I didn’t realize how much that experience would change me forever. That experience made me the leader that I am today at work. It gave me a “growth mindset,” which means I learn from my mistakes rather than simply feeling down about them. If I were to give advice to anyone in the professional world, it would be not to underestimate the opportunities you have to keep developing and challenging yourself; never stop learning.

I think to myself sometimes: what would the Mariana starting at VMware in 2014 say about the Mariana today. I would have never guessed how much development and life experience I would have gained from my few years at VMware.”

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VMware Named Top 100 Global Technology Leader and Best Workplace in Technology 2018

Last week, VMware was recognized on the 2018 Thomson Reuters list of Top 100 Global Technology Leaders, which profiled the most operationally sound and financially successful technology organizations in the world. Rounding off a great week, VMware was also honored as a best tech company to work for in the U.S. by Great Place To Work and Fortune on their 2018 Best Workplaces in Technology list. VMware moved up two spots from last year’s ranking of 11 to number 9 on this years list.

VMware as a workplace offers our employees a chance to create something new and better every day by staying focused on building technology that impacts our future and that of generations to come. Being recognized on both of  these lists attests to our thriving culture of innovation, and our ability to deliver consistent leadership and meaningful ways for our employees to experience innovation in the workplace.

Specific to the 2018 Best Workplaces in Technology ranking, winning companies like VMware scored 15 percent higher than non-winners on measures of a culture of innovation.Thomson Reuters used a 28-point data-driven algorithm, which included consideration of factors such as YOY R&D investment to identify the inaugural list of Top 100 Global Technology leaders.

Great Place To Work and Fortune used data from 79,000 employee surveys from tech companies across the U.S. to compile their ranking. That means, our people named us a 2018 Best Workplace in Technology – Making this achievement more sweet!

To learn more about why VMware is one of the best places to work in Technology and how you can be a part of our growing workplace community, visit our careers site today at http://careers.vmware.com.

VMware Employees Make EPIC2 Culture Possible

Every element of VMware’s great workplace culture is because of our people – 22,000+ dynamic and diverse individuals who choose to join us each day on our journey to engineer software that gives you the freedom to create your own future. As the stewards of our culture and EPIC2 values, our people have unlimited possibilities to shape the trajectory of our business, including how we attract and welcome new employees.

We know that VMware’s continued success is impossible without our people and because of this we want to share our immense gratitude for this community of change agents. By fostering a culture where people are inspired and empowered to share their unique perspectives on working at VMware, our employee community has helped recognize VMware on several impressive workplace award lists today and over the past few weeks.

These workplace awards are a public acknowledgement of our diverse, inclusive and EPIC2 culture. You can see that our people are at the center of it all and we are thankful that they are choosing to share their thoughts about working at VMware.

To learn more about why VMware is one of the best places to work and how you can be a part of our growing workplace community, visit our careers site today at http://careers.vmware.com.

Daring to Redefine the Way VMware Connects with Global Talent

Late in 2015, VMware embarked on a mission to reimagine how we connect with candidates around the world. The technology we use in our everyday life is constantly evolving and changing. We were inspired to create a modern platform that allows for similar online experiences for people interested in learning more about working at VMware.VMWare101327_Stock-Image-Photoshop_Facebook_1200x630

Our goal was to create a place where the needs of a job seeker are at the core of the candidate experience. We also wanted to build a path for us to get to know people who are interested in a future career here in a differentiated way.

This destination – VMware’s new careers site – is a space that we’re proud to call our own. While it is only just the beginning, we’re thrilled to see the transformation we’ve made over the past several months. Some notable features include: mobile-friendly apply with LinkedIn Sign In, an interactive map feature which allows you to explore our global office sites, and the VMware CareerHub, a destination for you to get a unique glimpse into our community, including jobs tailored to your skill set and sneak peaks into our world so you can see why VMware is one of Fortune‘s 100 Best Companies to Work For. Future releases will include event information, and a robust culture page that will host content curated by our people so you can get to know us better from the inside out.

As we continue to seek out meaningful ways for you to engage with us and learn more about who we are at VMware, we invite you to take a look at our new site and let us know if we’re accomplishing our goal.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, discover how you can push us, amaze us, and inspire us as a community. Dare VMware.

How A Great Idea Can Land You the Chance of A Lifetime: Intern Poster Session to VMworld

Avanti3Avanti Patil is a vCenter Site Recovery Manager Intern and a current Northeastern University student. She works out of the Cambridge, Massachusetts office and is enjoying exploring Boston.

When engineers first think about “virtualization”, the next thing that pops up into their heads is “VMware“. VMware is the virtualization and cloud infrastructure solutions leader in the market because of their world-class products and business standards. The fact that this company was also voted amongst Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For 2015 ensures the healthy working environment for VMware employees. I always wanted to get first-hand experience working with such a huge enterprise. This dream became a reality when I joined VMware as a vCenter Site Recovery Manager (SRM) Intern.

The most notable pattern throughout my internship, in addition to the exciting project work, was the positive interaction and relationship-building opportunities I had with my coworkers. I am grateful to my manager, mentor, and Women Connecting Women mentor — who supported me and pushed me to do my best. I became close to the other interns over the summer, we had a blast together. All the interns bonded on personal level, while completing service learning for Avanti2the Boys & Girls Club, participating in Codezilla, and exploring historic Boston.

My goal from this internship forward is to interact with different people across teams and understand VMware’s work culture through these conversations. The social gatherings help to keep in touch with people who share similar interests, and are also an opportunity to share new ideas — not just about work, but about the city and its people.

As an intern, I’ve been exposed to a lot of cool new products and the cultural impact has left me speechless. The Intern Poster Session is the best reflection of this. The Poster Session is a science fair-type event at the culmination of the Summer Internship Program. Each intern, or group of interns, creates a poster to showcase their project work or propose a new idea. Judges and participants decide on the best ideas presented. The best part of Intern Poster Session was interacting with the coworkers who have been working on VMware products since inception, and watching them get intrigued by my idea! The response to my project was overwhelming, which led me to win the Poster Session.

The prize for winning the Poster Session was an invitation to VMware’s annual technology conference, VMworld. At the conference, I hope to grow network by continuing to interact with new professionals, learn valuable career tips from keynote speakers, and have an awesome time celebrating the company that has helped me realize my dreams!

Be sure to virtually join me on my journey as I “take over” the @vmwareu Instagram account on Monday, August 31 to help kick off VMworld.

— Avanti Patil

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Veteran Employee Spotlight: Bryan Salek

IMG_5614Bryan Salek is a Networking and Security Systems Engineer Specialist. He is an Air Force veteran that currently works for VMware from a home office in Tampa, Florida.

What inspired you to pursue your current career? “I’ve always been in IT, but after my military service I lost the love of my job I had while in the Air Force. I had a friend at VMware that referred me to a Technical Account Manager opening. This is my third position at VMware in 8 years and I never want to leave. It is very different from active service, but what is the same is the common sense of purpose and desire of my coworkers to go above and beyond every day.”

How has your service in the military empowered you at VMware? “I served as a Staff Officer in two separate large organizations, so communication skills, specifically presenting, were honed. Further, I had performed requirements analysis and product studies several times, so I understand what customers are looking for”.

How do VMware’s EPIC2 (Execution, Passion, Integrity, Customers and Community) values align with the military’s values? “More than the actual roles I performed, I think what I enjoyed best about my service time was the dedication of my coworkers, including superiors, peers and subordinates. We were willing to do whatever it took to get the job done. This was taken to extremes while serving a tour in the Middle East and while at U.S. Central Command on (and after) 9-11. When I came to VMware 8 years ago, the startup mentality was still very prevalent and I saw that same dedication…Still, 8 years and over 13,000 additional employees [later], I see a lot of that passion and dedication throughout the organization. I hope that never leaves, and that I never do either.”

Share a favorite VMware experience: “Every customer visit is a great experience. The first time I demonstrated vMotion, the faces in the room lit up with awe. Over the years, we have saved customers so much money and empowered them to change the way they operate to such a degree; they are always welcoming. And even after all these years, we continue to innovate with new game-changing technologies. I’m currently telling the story of virtual networking and security, and the amazement of how easy it is to achieve such incredible benefits produces the same reaction those vMotion demos did all those years ago.”

What advice would you share with someone looking to transition from the military to the corporate world? “It isn’t an easy decision, so you should definitely take your time and understand what you want and why you are considering the move. Whatever your reason, my best advice is to approach your new career the same way you approach your next mission, next assignment, or next project with absolute passion and energy! Corporations like VMware appreciate, and even nurture, this. And if you feel out of place in doing so, you might want to continue looking….”


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