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VMware is Hiring – Systems Engineer – SpringSource vFabric Team

Matthew Quinlan and Jamie Engesser, Directors for the VMware/SpringSource vFabric group, discuss the day-to-day tasks that their trailblazing team is responsible for and the type of dynamic candidates they seek to hire.


The VMware SpringSource vFabric Team is looking to bring on an individual for their Systems Engineer, vFabric Specialist role in Atlanta, Georiga. You may fit the below profile:   

Systems Engineer, vFabric Specialist – Atlanta, GA, US

The VMware vFabric Specialist SE will be responsible for providing pre-sales deep technical and business expertise with regards to the vFabric products, including technologies such as the Spring Framework and related projects, tc Server and Tomcat, and Hyperic management infrastructure. The individual will interface directly with customers as well as collaborate with Product Management as a field representative on the development of products and enhancements.

Skill sets:

 Must have 8+ years experience with J2EE Architecture, preference to someone who has pre-Sales experience.Excellent communication skills, willing to present to technical and non-technical customers. Build Proof of Concepts (PoC) and demo's. 

To apply and learn more about the role click here: http://bit.ly/KY56Xv

Hear from Matthew Quinlan, Director of Systems Engineering for the vFabric Team:

“Being part of the vFabric division is really the best of both worlds. We operate almost like a startup inside of the VMware organization which means we can be nimble and avoid bureaucracy while retaining all of the advantages of working for a large and highly successful software company like VMware.” -Matthew 

“Are you tired of being the smartest person in the room?  If you join this team I can assure you that you will rarely, if ever have that experience again. A players like to work with other A players and we are building an elite team.” -Matthew

“At the end of the day, we’re techies and there is nothing better than working for one of the most innovative software companies in history.” -Matthew


Have questions or interested in applying to one of these roles? Reach out to Tom via his social links below.

MePicAbout Tom: 

Tom Spero is a Senior Recruiter for the SpringSource division of VMware. Over the past 15 years Spero has recruited in the technology space for small, medium and Fortune 500 companies. Spero brings 8 years of professional services recruiting experience, specifically in the J2EE/Middleware/Open Source space for Sales Engineers and Consultants. 

 Find Tom Spero on:



Current vFabric job openings: http://bit.ly/IKMWlH

Current SpringSource job openings: http://bit.ly/IKOhJk

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Why should you join the SpringSource division, EMEA ?

Hello All,

Katrina here from the EMEA Staffing Team.

I'm happy to report that VMware’s SpringSource division is hiring engineers, architects and consultants in the UK and other locations within EMEA.

 “As an “engineering-centric” organisation VMware has maintained an exceptionally high talent bar and is proud to have on staff many of the world’s most brilliant systems level software developers, designers, and architects.” This means that we are looking for the best and the most talented people!"


See what some of SpringSource Team members are saying about their experience so far …

Q – Why did you choose VMware (SpringSource/Gemstone)?

"I knew of SpringSource's work in open source and the enterprise and liked how they'd managed to achieve a balance between commercial and contribution."-Stuart Williams, Sr. Consultant-SpringSource

"The VMware connection was a bonus."-Stuart Williams, Sr. Consultant-SpringSource

"I enjoy working in a startup type of environment and at SpringSource you get that within the stability of a larger community."-Craig Dickson, Sr. SE-SpringSource


Q – What has been your experience to date?

"The work is challenging and rewarding in equal measure. The people here are smart, focused and great to work with."-Stuart Williams, Sr. Consultant-SpringSource

"It has been even better than I expected."-Craig Dickson, Sr. SE-SpringSource


Q – Why should anyone join VMware SpringSource /Gemstone Consulting division and not any other Organisation that has similar requirements?

"This organisation is doing exciting, cutting edge work; consulting is the point end of the stick."-Stuart Williams, Sr. Consultant-SpringSource

"If that's what floats your boat then there is no better place to be."-Stuart Williams,Sr. Consultant-SpringSource

"We are growing at an amazing rate, which should provide a great opportunity to anyone considering a position."- Craig Dickson, Sr. SE-SpringSource


Most immediate requirements include:

  • Senior Consulting Architects– SpringSource 
  • Senior Consulting Architects– GemFire
  • Senior SE’s – SpringSource
  • Consultants


THESE ROLES ARE AIMED AT THOSE WHO WISH TO – Evangelize the value of SpringSource/VMware products in Java application architectures and deployments, and general application management needs.  

About SpringSource

SpringSource created Spring, the defacto standard platform to build, run and manage enterprise Java applications. SpringSource employees are leading committers for Apache Tomcat and SpringSource is the leading Tomcat support provider.

SpringSource delivers Java infrastructure software that eliminates the complexity of enterprise Java. SpringSource software has been designed from the ground up for complete portability and scalability for today’s data center and for next-generation virtualized, grid and cloud deployments.

Nearly half of the Global 2000, including many of the world’s largest financial institutions, retailers, manufacturers, healthcare, technology and public sector clients are SpringSource customers. For more information visit the SpringSource website!

Thank you all, please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you want to find out more about this. 

Look forward to hearing from you, 



About Katrina:

Katrina works on the staffing team for the EMEA regions. She oversees the Technical PSO and SpringSource roles, with a high emphasis on roles within the United Kingdom.


Find Katrina Urbanovica on:

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Current SpringSource job openings

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