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VMware Innovator: Rean Griffith

For VMware people, they look at their roles as more than just a job. It’s an opportunity to create something new and better together every day that will disrupt the way things have been done across the technology industry.

In this month’s edition of VMware’s Innovation Series, the VMware Careers team connects with Staff Engineer, Rean Griffith about how the VMware community innovates together and what inspires him to explore new ideas that spark growth.

During our conversation, Rean shares a look at RADIO, VMware’s internal R&D Innovation Offsite, which helps foster discussion around unexplored ideas that would be impactful for the company while also connecting members of our global engineering community that allow for cross collaboration across product groups.

Moved by Rean’s passion for innovation? Visit VMware’s company blog, Tribal Knowledge, to hear how RADIO has become an important part of our culture of instigating innovation.



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National Engineers Week Spotlight: Rean Griffith on the power of creativity through engineering

Let’s celebrate awesomeness during National Engineers Week (February 17-23) where engineers, engineering students and technicians are recognized for all of the innovative things they do to make the world work better.

At VMware, we are taking this opportunity to share the special stories of our very own people. Today we hear from Rean as he shares his perspectives about his team and how they continue to tackle hard problems, why he became an engineer and much more!


Name: Dr. Rean Griffith

Job title: Staff Engineer

Years at VMware: 2

Office Location: Palo Alto, California


What made you decide to become an engineer?

Engineering is one of the most creative things a person can do. When people usually think of engineering, they focus on the fact that much of it is grounded in mathematics, physics, statistics, etc. Those disciplines provide a certain set of rules (and in some cases the limits or things conventional wisdom considers limits). Creativity comes from working with and around those rules and (perceived) limits to do/create something novel.

What innovation has inspired you and/or shaped what you do in your career?

The proliferation of the low-cost communications (the Internet et al.) made an already small world even smaller. Technical communities have always been small (highly-connected), despite spanning large geographical distances. Today the Internet continues to connect today’s great thinkers and ideas by but a few clicks and a “send/chat” button as well as hasten the pace of realizing and connecting with tomorrow’s great thinkers and ideas.

What is your favorite VMware product launch you’ve been a part of? Why?

I’ve been here for so short a time that I’ll say “all of them”, mainly because of the excitement around teams seeing the results of their work and the resulting impact.

In three adjectives, how would you describe your experience at VMware so far?

Fun, exciting, challenging.

How do you or your team continue to innovate and challenge the status quo?

We identify hard problems and hammer out solutions. Many of these problems have no known or accepted solution or are new problems resulting from shifts in how things work or are done, which makes them all the more challenging and rewarding to solve.

What attracted you to VMware? Is it the same thing that motivates you today?

I came to VMware to work on interesting, hard and technical problems. So far there’s no shortage, so the motivation is the same today.

What are you most looking forward to in the years ahead as you continue your work at VMware?

Interesting times. We’re about to move further down the path of the software defined everything (datacenter, networks and storage). This opens up tremendous possibilities and presents many interesting problems in (distributed) systems and machine-learning (for resource management, automatic scaling, control, optimization and large-scale analytics) where my interests lie.


*Photography by Michael Dunn


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