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Life at VMware – Wear Less Day at the Singapore Office

Audrey Ung


 On Friday, April 20, 2012 members of the VMware Singapore office participated in Wear Less Day. Wear Less Day was an energy-saving fun activity for the Team to participate in to honor Earth Day and VMware’s Green initiatives.

 To prepare for Wear Less Day, the Singapore facilities team partnered with the building management to increase the indoor air conditioning temperature. Studies have shown that turning up the air-conditioning by one degree can lead to 3% in energy savings in a year and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. This was the impetus for Wear Less Day. The Singapore Team was encouraged to dress down during this day, by removing the “add-on” piece (i.e. jackets, shawls, cardigans) that most employees wear to stay comfortable during the work day. Employees could also include GREEN in their attire. Environmentally friendly materials such as organic cotton, hemp, thin wool, and bamboo were also clothing suggestions for the day.  Green_Girls_and_a_bear

 To turn up the heat further, there was a competitive element added to Wear Less Day. A photo competition was planned where employees could take a photo of themselves in their “Wear Less” attire in the office and submit it to the Singapore team page on VMware Link, VMware’s internal social network powered by Socialcast.

 With the celebration of Earth Hour and Earth Day, posters were placed around the office to increase awareness about ways in which our employees could reduce their carbon footprint and create a sustainable planet for the future generations. As an added reminder, each employee received a sticker to be pasted on their monitors to remind them to care for the earth. Protect_the_Earth

Members of the Singapore Team's thoughts of the day:

“This was a great initiative! It allowed all of us to participate in an office-wide activity, which was both fun and beneficial for the environment. While each of us can only do so much individually, we certainly did much more together. Kudos to Audrey, the vCommunity and Facilities Team for organizing this awesome event.” –Jason Lee, Corporate Counsel, ASEAN/APJ Partner Group

“I love this company, it doesn’t just make some random promises of change, it actually puts change in to effect in a way we can all enjoy and take part of!” –Matthew Hardman, Sr. Product & Solutions Marketing Manager, ASEAN & India

“Other than wearing less to display the message to care for the environment, the employees took their initiative to turn off the light switches at common corridors and vacant seats to utilize natural daylight in the office. The awareness posters and campaigns did have some effect on the employees! Thanks to the team that put up this event.”–Cheng Khim Seng Workplace Manager –Asia Operations

Ways in which members of our global community can make realistic day-to-day contributions to improving our global environment:

-Turning the electric switches off whenever they are not in use

-Do not use more than what you need and share these values with others

-Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


Audrey Ung – Executive Assistant, Singapore


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