Citizen Philanthropy in Action: Celebrating 25 Years of Collective Innovation

This month, VMware is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its founding on Feb. 10, 1998, when five forward-thinking technologists from Stanford University and the University of California at Berkeley, led by founding CEO Diane Greene, set up shop above a deli in Palo Alto.
At VMware, we often say, “big things come from small beginnings.” From a five-person startup, our company has grown to become a recognized leader in the multi-cloud era with over 35,000 employees globally and generated over 5,000 patents. Today, VMware serves over 99% of the companies listed in the Fortune 1000, and our software runs the world’s largest banks, telcos, hospitals, airlines, and non-profit institutions.

In line with our culture of innovation and EPIC2 values, VMware people continue to engage and support their communities. In addition to year-round programs, the VMware Foundation joined in the celebration of VMware’s 25th Anniversary by giving every employee the opportunity to direct a donation to a non-profit of their choice.
Senior Director of Social Innovation Jessamine Chin and VP Environmental, Social, Governance Nicola Acutt at VMware’s 25th Anniversary Town Hall, February 2023

For over a decade, VMware’s Citizen Philanthropy approach to giving has given our people a platform to amplify contributions of their time, talent, and resources to the nonprofits that matter the most to them. With this approach, we ensure equal access to VMware Foundation programs no matter where people choose to work or what causes matter to them.
Inspired by what you’ve read? You can learn more about the VMware Foundation and see Citizen Philanthropy in Action here.


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