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3 Things You Need to Know About the New VMware Careers Site

Today VMware launched a new and refreshed careers site. The reimagined site boasts an accessible-first design, 55 new content pages, improved site navigation, and English, Japanese, and Chinese versions. A significant achievement that involved more than 50 people coming together to contribute to talent market research, accessibility audits, development, testing, and communications. Here are three things to know about the new VMware careers site.

  1. Accessibility-First Site Design

Creating a more accessible experience (not just in what is seen and heard on screen, but also in how the site is navigated with screen readers, keyboard-only tabbing, and enlarged type) was one of the most important goals of the career site refresh project. The VMware Accessibility team helped the project team better understand and test how color usage, site, and page layout, features like embedded videos and hyperlinks, and functionality alter people’s experiences. We’re proud to say that the VMware careers site meets Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1.

  1. 55 Pages of New Content

Up-to-date, practical, and rich content is so valuable for our site visitors. Threaded throughout the English, Japanese, and Chinese versions are a wide range of new and updated pages such as the latest information on VMware’s open job opportunities, products and customer success stories, flexible workspaces, company-wide sustainability, equity, and trust goals; more information on VMware teams, benefits, interview tips for candidates and workplace community for all. In addition, blog articles and short one-minute videos created by employees provide an authentic look into life at VMware and the career paths of our people.

  1. Your Perspectives Matter

From day one of the project, we knew that research around how site visitors interacted and engaged with the site, and especially around understanding the steps in a job application journey would be a game changer.

Lauren Harris, Web Designer for the VMware Employment Brand team, oversaw a three-part research phase of the project to gain these insights. First, she conducted an employee survey to capture site likes and dislikes, ease of use, ideas, and proposed changes. Second, she used Google Analytics, Google Search Console, in-page insights, and iCIMS analytics (the reporting dashboard tied to the VMware Careers Site) to measure user behavior across the site. Lastly, she partnered with a diverse group of employees from the Brand, ESG (Environmental, Sustainability, & Governance), DEI Center of Excellence, Accessibility, and Talent Acquisition teams to curate content for and audit the site before it went live.

To say that this was a One VMware project is an understatement. Everyone from prospective employees to candidates, and current employees played an integral role in the new VMware careers site. A big thanks goes to you for making the new site a reality.

We are delighted to invite you to visit the VMware careers site here, and would love your thoughts and feedback.


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