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We Are Citizen Philanthropists – Giving Back Together

For more than 12 years, VMware’s Citizen Philanthropy approach to giving has given our people a platform to amplify contributions of their time, talent, and resources to the nonprofits that matter the most to them. With this approach, we ensure equal access to VMware Foundation programs no matter where people choose to work or what causes matter to them.

In addition to our year-round programs, the VMware Foundation was proud to continue the annual tradition of Giving Back Together in 2022; a year-end giving initiative running from November through December, where every full-time employee was able to direct a Gift of Giving from VMware to the nonprofit of their choice. In a time of continued change on many levels, and with many people working in a hybrid or remote environment, this was an opportunity to come together as One VMware to celebrate our global community and demonstrate our EPIC2 values.

Globally, 28,975 VMware employees directed a Gift of Giving to their nonprofits of choice in November and December. We reached more than 10,000 individual nonprofits around the world with this initiative, demonstrating the breadth and variety of VMware people’s interests, which Citizen Philanthropy enables us to support and amplify.

As we continue into 2023, we are inspired by the many ways our VMware community consistently supports each other while using our time, talents, and resources to serve the global community as well.

Inspired by what you’ve read? You can learn more about the VMware Foundation and see Citizen Philanthropy in Action here.


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