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Growing Together With Our Partners

VMware Partner Business Manager Hwayoung Lee was recently interviewed by Korea’s most significant job search platform, JOBKOREA. She shared a glimpse into a partner business manager’s day at VMware; and talked about why she joined VMware, the challenges she faced and overcame, and the future she envisions with VMware. Read on to get to know her more.  

Please introduce yourself.

Hello, I am Hwayoung Lee. I joined the VMware Sales Academy program in 2018 and am currently a partner business manager overseeing Channels & Alliances in the Southeast Asia and Korea (SEAK) region.

Hwayoung Lee, Partner Business Manager, SEAK Channels & Alliances
A sales academy workshop in progress

Tell us more about what you do everyday.

I am a representative of partners that make hardware products related to data centers, such as Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Lenovo, and Hitachi Vantara, and I utilise their distribution channels to distribute their software licenses.  Therefore it is important to build a good relationship with these partners because hardware manufacturers customize and deliver VMware licenses to meet their customers’ needs.

Do you have a work highlight to share? 

Recently, I studied the products of a global partner company extensively, and suggested the best plan to synergize the offerings of this partner with VMware’s products. After the meeting, the partners showed a positive response and actively accepted my proposal. I felt proud that it was a practical help to the partner’s business, and it was an opportunity to meet more often with partners who are interested in VMware and to share business insights. I felt a sense of responsibility and pride in my work after receiving gratitude and compliments from the partner.

Hwayoung visiting a partner office

What should one keep in mind when working with global partners?

A partnership often requires reconciliation of different interests. It is not easy at first glance to bring two organizations that do business with completely different environments and products in harmony. When a conflict arises due to differences in business position, I think it is vital to take charge and resolve the conflict in order to build a lasting and collaborative relationship.

One thing I’ve learnt to overcome such situations is to have a good understanding of the organization, culture, business methods, and products of your alliance partners. In an era where speed is valued, how quickly you solve problems can also make a difference.

How did you join VMware?

As a student of political science and diplomacy, I thought that IT would have a significant impact on all industries and life in the future, so I decided to pursue a career in this field. After working as an intern which helped me grow and expand my knowledge in tech, I joined VMware.

Hwayoung with her batchmates

Why do you think VMware is the best fit for you?

It is because VMware is a company dedicated to helping employees develop themselves and I am a person who always like to learn new things. I am currently  utilising VMware Take 1 Program to participate in the Channel Master Program developed in the USA. It is also a great opportunity to build new relationships and grow my network.

Hwayoung at the front of VMware Korea’s office

Any advice on overcoming challenging situations at work?

Whenever I face challenges, I would like to connect with my co-workers more and gain indirect experience while expanding my thoughts. I would like to actively seek advice from those who already experienced my situation and learn from them. When I communicate with people who has different viewpoints and knowledge, I can develop further beyond my current capabilities. 

What is your future goal at VMware?

I would like to develop my current responsibility as a SEAK channel manager further to the world. I hope to work as a member of the global team where all channel strategies are created and spread out to the world, so that I can expand my horizon and learn various perspectives. 

This article was first published in JOBKOREA, Korea’s biggest job search platform. 


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