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Empowering Emerging Talent with the VMware UK Degree Apprenticeship Program

The VMware UK Degree Apprenticeship Program is delivered through our partnership with The University of West London and has been designed to give professional development opportunities to individuals looking to start their careers, specifically those from underrepresented communities. VMware has a long history of investing in entry-level talent, and through our intern and new graduate programs across the world, we are empowering talent to grow into the future leaders of VMware. 

We asked Zahra, Bola, and Adam, second-year Solution Engineer apprentices based in Staines, studying Digital and Technology Solutions (IT Consultant) at the University of West London, to describe what prompted them to apply for the apprenticeship and their experience so far.


From about Year 10 I knew that I wanted to do a technology apprenticeship, but the idea of being a Software Developer did not seem like it was for me. I heard about the VMware apprenticeship program through a Careers Advisor at school. At the time I did not know much about technology or VMware, but I am proud to see how much I have grown throughout the last year.

What prompted me to apply was VMware’s EPIC2 values and how important these are to the company. After joining VMware I can see how these values are integrated into everything that we do.

As the apprenticeship has gone on, I have seen how my confidence, presentation skills, and my love for technology have grown. One thing I have enjoyed the most is the flexibility and how much ownership I have over my learning when compared to school. Also, the program has helped me develop my leadership and communications skills, which are beneficial in all aspects of my life.


When applying for this apprenticeship I did not know much about VMware or what a Solution Engineer did, but I went for it, and I have not looked back since. So, if you are planning to apply, I would say go for it!

It has honestly been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I love the fact I can put my skills to good use while learning – it makes me happy. If you are willing to be open to learning and exploring new experiences, you will surely enjoy it.

During my time at school, I have learnt that there is no single path to your goal. So be willing to embrace new experiences no matter how daunting they may be.

Initially, I was worried about the transition from school to work, and on top of that having to balance university, but I can say that everyone within our team has been supportive and helped when they can. Although keeping a work-life balance is something that I am still working on, having access to VMware employee benefits is helping.


Working for VMware now is such a surreal experience for me. I have been passionate about technology for a long time and the concept of virtualisation is something that has fascinated me.

I heard about VMware through some personal projects and hobbies, and after researching the company, I decided that it is where I want to work.

Fast forward a year and I started looking at the next steps post-college. The idea of an apprenticeship really stood out for me as I have always been a hands-on learner and love the idea of developing my skills in a real workplace. After applying for a few technical apprenticeships, mostly at banks, I stumbled across an advert for the VMware apprenticeship, and it was like a dream come true. Everything aligned and within an hour I had written and submitted my application.

A year into the program and I could not be happier. Every vision and opinion I had of VMware has been exceeded.

VMware has a wide range of programs dedicated to empowering emerging talent such as internships, VMware Campus Ambassadors, and University Propel.


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