Meet the Hiring Manager

Meet the Hiring Manager: Robbie Kamaledine — Head of Talent Discovery, APJ 

Our Meet the Hiring Manager series allows you to get to know the people who grow teams at VMware. You’ll learn about our hiring managers’ career paths and what they look for in candidates during the interview process. This week we’d like you to meet Robbie Kamaledine. 

Robbie Kamaledine, Head of Talent Discovery, VMware APJ


  • Job title: Head of Talent Discovery, APJ 
  • Years at VMware: 1 Year, 2 months 
  • First job: My first ever paying gig was working at Toys “R” Us. I started working as early as I could, I was just 14 years and 9 months. I worked in the entertainment section selling sound and vision equipment. The highlight for me was getting to interact and work with people, which is what I love most! 
  • Fun fact: I was the youngest contestant to ever appear on Wheel of Fortune at the age of 16! 
  • Favorite social distancing activity: I met a group of folks overseas over ten years ago, who I now call close friends. We made a promise to meet and explore new countries every year, which we successfully achieved, until COVID! That said, we’re about meet again in Europe late this July to explore the Greek Islands and surrounding neighborhoods. 

VMware Careers: Tell us about your career journey to date?  

Robbie: I have been in the world of Talent Acquisition for over fifteen years now. I have been very fortunate in the companies I have worked for spanning from start-ups to global multinationals.  

I have most recently taken on a new role with VMware as Head of Talent Discovery, APJ.  Prior to VMware I served the last three years with a leading digital maintenance business, KONE. Prior to KONE I established my TA career in the I.T, Engineering, Banking & Finance industries. 

I am very driven, outcome focused and thrive in complexity and ambiguity where dynamism, pace and relationships are key to success! 

VMware Careers: How is VMware different from any other tech company you have worked for in the past? 

Robbie: It is simple, really – it is the PEOPLE that make up a business and who they want to be known for from a brand perspective. It is for this very reason as to why I love working for VMware.  

Working for VMware means many things to me. But to sum it up in short, I am empowered to make impactful decisions, I get to work with awesome people who truly care for one another, our EPIC2 culture/values and lastly, the freedom to be whoever you want to be, as we embrace all at VMware. 

VMware Careers: What gets you out of bed in the morning?  

Robbie: I am an early riser and I kick start my day with a 5 AM to 6 AM gym session each morning. Feeling healthy and fit is how I like to start my day and it is a motivation and a boost for the rest of my day. 

VMware Careers: What has been the biggest lesson you have learned as you moved upwards in your career? 

Robbie: The biggest lesson I learnt was “not to sweat the small stuff.”  

I do my best in focusing on getting the best possible results with the information and support I have around me. 

VMware Careers: What makes the team you lead so effective?  

Robbie: As a leader, I very quickly learned that you must be adaptable and be naturally willing to maneuver with time and people to achieve optimal results.  I do my best in following these three key principles: 

  • Spearhead purpose with unique goals 
  • Create a healthy and thriving culture 
  • Forge and maintain genuine long-lasting relationships 

VMware Careers: If someone reading this was coming to interview with you tomorrow what interview tips would you give them? 

Robbie: I truly value authenticity, so the first tip would be: “just be yourself.” 

Ultimately, the key to effective interviewing is to project confidence, stay positive, and be able to share examples of your workplace skills that would be of interest and benefit to the role you are applying for. 

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